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Their Story: A Dialogue with Dena Haritos Tsamitis From Carnegie Mellon University

A Their Story interview with Selena Templeton

ITSPmagazine's Selena Templeton sat down with Dena Haritos Tsamitis of Carnegie Mellon University to capture CMU’s story (which was among the first institutions in the world to create a degree program for cybersecurity). They also chat about the Information Networking Institute (INI) and Women@INI (WINI), Cylab (CMU's security and privacy research institute), MySecureCyberspace, diversity and inclusion, and imposter syndrome.

Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Dana Tamir From Silverfort

A Their Story interview with John Dasher​​​​​​​

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Dana Tamir of Silverfort at Black Hat 2018 about multi-factor authentication, how it’s changed with the shift to the cloud, hybrid environments and disappearing perimeters, and how Silverfort enables strong MFA across the entire network without modifications to endpoints and servers.

Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Nick Bilogorskiy From Juniper Networks

A Their Story interview with John Dasher​​​​​​​

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Nick Bilogorskiy from Juniper Networks at Black Hat 2018 about malware, ransomware, new cryptocurrency attacks (“crypto jacking”) and how Juniper can help protect you by keeping your network clean and clear.

Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Keenan Skelly From Circadence

A Their Story interview with John Dasher​​​​​​​

ITSPmagazine's John Dasher had a chance to sit down with Keenan Skelly, VP Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist at Circadence, at this year's Black Hat to capture Circadence’s story and chat about gamification and security, AI, cyber ranges, and women in cyber.

Their Story Chats at Black Hat Conference 2018 | Brian Reed from NowSecure

A Their Story interview with John Dasher​​​​​​​

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Brian Reed of NowSecure about their latest research that shows that using a top 50 mobile app from your favorite App Store probably has one or more critical vulnerabilities with a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score of 8 or higher. And we’re talking production apps from Fortune 500 companies here folks.

Divide and Conquer: One Process - Multiple Workflows

It feels normal and right to think that a business process should be modeled and designed from start to finish in a single place. Make it one workflow, and everyone knows what to do, you can monitor the workflow, and if you need to make changes, you know exactly where to look. Simple, right?

A Dialogue with Caroline Wong, VP of Cobalt Labs

Crowdsourcing puts a whole new perspective on how we do pen testing in the InfoSec industry. ITSPmagazine sat down with Caroline Wong, CISSP and VP of Security Strategy at Cobalt Labs, who explains the benefits of crowdsourced security, how diversity plays a part, and why structuring your metrics is key to determining the ROI of your pen test program.

A Cyber Army That Thinks, Learns, And Adapts

Regardless of industry, organizational security budgets continue to rise in the face of ever-escalating attacks. Terms like machine learning and artificial intelligence often cloud, rather than clarify, what one can expect from the technology supporting a given vendor’s solution. SlashNext aims to shake up the market by soundly delivering what security teams need – actionable alerts with extraordinarily low false positives.

A Dialogue With Dwayne Melancon, VP Product, iovation

ITSPmagazine recently caught up with VP of Product at iovation, Dwayne Melancon. Upon accepting the new position at the company, Melancon takes a moment to share his insights into the world of fraud and its impact on the community and society at large.

Champion for Justice – Robert Wood Tackles Healthcare Security

Robert Wood has managed to meld his love for being a champion for helping and protecting others with a successful career in security through his work at Nuna, a data-driven healthcare startup in San Francisco, CA. In this discussion, Robert offers some interesting perspectives and lessons learned regarding the complexities unique to protecting healthcare data.

We Could All Use It Nowadays. A CyberSecurity Angel On Our Shoulder.

Phishing threats have become highly sophisticated, combining social engineering aspects with targeted delivery, often resulting in financial, reputation, and brand damage to organizations. IRONSCALES offers multi-faceted solutions whereby employees can be trained and educated, attacks are surfaced through the use of machine learning-fueled analytics that empower security analysts to rapidly identify and remediate attacks before damage is inflicted, and the power of the crowd is employed to keep everyone safer.

A Dialogue with Jack Jones, Co-Founder and EVP Research and Development, RiskLens

In today’s increasingly hostile cybersecurity climate, with more CISOs finding they report directly to the CEO and the Board, the language of “risk” has reached epic levels of importance. Join us for a fascinating chat with RiskLens’ Jack Jones, Co-Founder and EVP Research and Development.

A Dialogue with Zoltán Györkő, CEO and Co-Founder, Balabit

Winners in the cybersecurity game will safeguard data without constraining business. Learn how Zoltán Györkő, CEO and co-Founder of Balabit, achieves success with real-time user analysis and authentication.

A Dialogue with Steve Cochran, CEO STEALTHbits

What's the connection between automating IT tasks and securing the world's identity directories? STEALTHbits CEO, Steve Cochran, describes the journey his company took to focus completely on information security.

A Dialogue with Julien Bellanger, CEO Prevoty

How does a startup CEO with no cybersecurity experience end up a leader in runtime application security? Read about Prevoty co-founder and CEO Julien Bellanger’s journey in infosec in this exclusive ITSPmagazine interview.