Their Story: Some stories are better than others

In this ITSPmagazine section, Their Story, you'll find individuals explaining why they value their work, what their employees do every day to help protect our privacy, what moves them, and how their products, services and solutions can be used to make a positive impact on how we live our lives and do our jobs.

The articles and podcasts presented in this section are provided to ITSPmagazine by a variety of organizations and associations. Their Story submissions should come with a goal to help educate the market and explain their individual role – and that of their company's – as it sits at the intersection of IT Security & Society.

This said, you could very well read part of the content captured in these posts as promotional in nature. We mention this so that you're not surprised by it. We believe it is OK for this type of content to be presented in this part of the magazine, as long as A) the reader is aware, B) the articles are well written and the podcasts are well produced, and C) we all learn a little something from these folks and their companies.