A Dialogue with Caroline Wong, VP of Cobalt Labs

Crowdsourcing puts a whole new perspective on how we do pen testing in the InfoSec industry. ITSPmagazine sat down with Caroline Wong, CISSP and VP of Security Strategy at Cobalt Labs, who explains the benefits of crowdsourced security, how diversity plays a part, and why structuring your metrics is key to determining the ROI of your pen test program.

A Dialogue with Jack Jones, Co-Founder and EVP Research and Development, RiskLens

In today’s increasingly hostile cybersecurity climate, with more CISOs finding they report directly to the CEO and the Board, the language of “risk” has reached epic levels of importance. Join us for a fascinating chat with RiskLens’ Jack Jones, Co-Founder and EVP Research and Development.

A Dialogue with Zoltán Györkő, CEO and Co-Founder, Balabit

Winners in the cybersecurity game will safeguard data without constraining business. Learn how Zoltán Györkő, CEO and co-Founder of Balabit, achieves success with real-time user analysis and authentication.