Time Is Money: The Role Of Digital Signatures In Workflows

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin

Today’s guests are Paul Hsu, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nintex, and Dan Puterbaugh, Director or Strategic Development at Adobe. They are going to tell us some stories about business process management and the value of integrating digital signatures into business workflows.

Dan and Paul share some of the everyday use cases where digital signatures are a valuable part of the business workflows. The ultimate goal is to enable line of business owners to be more agile and self-manage their business processes to meet their needs best – let them become the best form of themselves instead of relying on IT to stand up a process to let them do their job.

Nintex: The Value Of Privacy And Safety In Business

ITSPmagazine editor-in-chief Sean Martin reports on the 2018 Nintex xchange conference in San Diego. As the stories from these sessions illustrate, when it comes to ensuring compliance and protecting data in the cloud, an automated workflow such as those offered by Nintex offers a viable solution to solve the challenge.

Divide and Conquer: One Process - Multiple Workflows

It feels normal and right to think that a business process should be modeled and designed from start to finish in a single place. Make it one workflow, and everyone knows what to do, you can monitor the workflow, and if you need to make changes, you know exactly where to look. Simple, right?