Time Is Money: The Role Of Digital Signatures In Workflows

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Today’s guests are Paul Hsu, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nintex, and Dan Puterbaugh, Director or Strategic Development at Adobe. They are going to tell us some stories about business process management and the value of integrating digital signatures into business workflows.

According to Dan and Paul, everything in business is pretty much already electronically transformed at this point -- except for signatures. In many cases, paper still has a significant role here in a lot of operations when it comes to getting sign-off on a variety of business activities. There’s no question, getting this sign-off is a critical step – and can often be the hold-up for business getting done – for that NDA acceptance; for that contract execution; for that all-important deal to move forward.

Beyond the action of signing, there’s also a sometimes-hidden benefit that signatures provide; in some cases, signatures – over a simple checkbox. A signature can mean so much more and can drive more confidence into the process that the signatory means business as they’ve directly attested to the document with their legally-binding signature vs. ticking a box without putting much thought into the levity of the action.

Still, as my guests confirm during today’s discussion – it’s not prudent to automate everything solely for the sake of automation. And, similarly, it’s not wise to jam in an electronic signature into any business workflow without thinking through what the objectives are with that workflow. In other words, make sure you know what problem is that you are trying to solve and for whom it is being solved; acknowledge that you are you going to meet their expectations and help them work through their business activities more seamlessly vs. giving them a technology that only disturbs the flow of business and frustrates them beyond imagination.

To this end, Dan and Paul share some of the everyday use cases where digital signatures are a valuable part of the business workflows. The ultimate goal is to enable line of business owners to be more agile and self-manage their business processes to meet their needs best – let them become the best form of themselves instead of relying on IT to stand up a process to let them do their job.

Paul Hsu, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nintex


Paul Hsu is a passionate marketer with experience in marketing communications, product marketing, event planning, and go-to-market strategies. As a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, Paul focuses on crafting and developing targeted messaging and content to help customers realize the value of process management and automation.

Prior to Nintex, he spent more than 5 years at Microsoft marketing Dynamics, Windows, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 to public sector and enterprise organizations. Paul has an MBA from University of Virginia and is currently based out of the Nintex headquarters in Bellevue, Wa.

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Dan Puterbaugh, Director or Strategic Development at Adobe


Dan Puterbaugh is a US-based attorney working with Adobe's customers around the globe on the intersection of digital transformation/digital documents and legal issues. With 20 years of legal experience in technology law, Dan believes in moving aggressively forward with new technologies while always being mindful of legal obligations. Dan focuses on issues such as data security, privacy, digital identity and electronic signature law.

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