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By Max Aulakh

Ignyte Assurance Platform is a provider of web-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software and service solutions to organizations both large and small nationwide. Founded in 2012, with the release of its Compliance Software, the company has grown to feature a full suite of modules for GRC, including Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Internal Audit, Regulatory Compliance and Policy & Document Management Software.

Having just been recognized as the Gold Winner of the 2019 Cybersecurity Product Excellence Award, Ignyte differentiates itself by being more than just GRC software. Ignyte’s integrated framework and flexible data architecture is empowering organizations to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance in one seamless and scalable system. Our Integrated Risk Management (IRM) software adapts to the way you work, enabling organizations to reduce risk, boost performance, and drive smarter decision-making.

Ignyte helps clients in adopting its platform to provide ongoing assurance to their organizational management. Presently, its clients are shifting from manual processes, legacy technology and systems designed for general compliance to Internet-scale cybersecurity issues. To match their changing inclination in risk management, Ignyte’s unique data model offers up to 10 million data points. Moreover, it has integrated this data model with natural language processing (NLP) for a much faster regulatory analysis and intent-mapping engine between several regulations. Similarly, Ignyte uses the same technology to map intent down to potential exposures and risks for organizations. The company is doing these tasks at a very large scale with more speeds as compared to age-old legacy platforms and methodologies.

Ignyte’s GRC and Integrated Risk Management automation, specially developed for auditors, legal officers and security officers, helps them to set standards on usability and remove barriers to adopting enterprise-wide business process automation risk and compliance software. Today’s organizations are relying on legacy platforms with hidden software development costs. Ignyte helps such organizations to realize value fast, improve their GRC experience, and make smarter business decisions.

Another way that Ignyte is a thought leader in the industry is its transition from basic Governance, Risk and Compliance to a full adoption and holistic view of Integrated Risk Management for its clients. Making the shift from GRC to IRM is just one more way that Ignyte can help its clients “future proof” their businesses. It is this kind of thought leadership and best practice guidance in the industry regarding IRM adoption that goes beyond the traditional, compliance-driven GRC technology solutions and provides actionable insights that are aligned with business strategies, not just regulatory mandates.

In a digital world where every employee operates a computer, cybersecurity and compliance are now everyone’s responsibility, from the C-suite down to the reception desk, and even extending to third-party vendors. IRM fosters a top-down, security-focused and risk management-based culture throughout the organization, eliminating silos and enabling organizations to identify situations where a risk factor in one area affects other areas.

IRM identifies redundancies and inefficiencies in organizational GRC and cybersecurity, allowing organizations to eliminate processes that add no value, allocate funds and human resources more effectively, improve GRC and cybersecurity functions on all levels, and free up employees to work on projects that further the organization’s goals.

Risk isn’t always negative; businesses need to take risks to grow. By integrating risk management into overall organizational strategy, IRM treats risk management as a business driver, not a business cost. It allows organizations to see how risk management, compliance and data security can further their business goals, and it uncovers opportunities to take calculated risks.

Ignyte Assurance Platform is a leader in collaborative security and integrated GRC solutions for global corporations. For corporate risk and compliance officers who depend heavily on the protection of their resources, Ignyte is the ultimate translation engine that assists with data collection and analysis, and helps streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once. The Ignyte Assurance Platform is used by leading corporations in diverse industries, such as healthcare, defense and technology. 

Ignyte is headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio and can be reached at www.ignyteplatform.com or call 1.833.IGNYTE1

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About Max Aulakh

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Max Aulakh, CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform, strives to develop a good company culture at Ignyte and focuses on building strong industry partnerships externally. While sharing his thoughts about his current work and responsibilities, Max says, “I love what I do, but I do miss getting my hands dirty and doing actual risk management work. It is why I started this company.” He says that because he actually trained and excelled in the United States Air Force.

Thereafter, he drove the Information Assurance (IA) programs for US department of Defense (DoD). As the Senior Consultant for a major Defense contracting firm, Max led a team of consultants that helped data centers successfully pass Air Force Level Security audits for HIPAA, SOX & FISMA Regulatory requirements. Today, Max leads Ignyte, with his world-class team of cyber assurance and software professionals.