Their Story Chats At RSA Conference San Francisco 2019 | Keenan Skelly of Circadence

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A Their Story interview with John Dasher

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Keenan Skelly, Circadence VP of Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist, for a fascinating conversation on cybersecurity learning, training and assessment through their Ares and Orion products. We’ll also spend time talking about women in cybersecurity, and how as an industry we might do better to engage and develop this important resource.

Circadence has found a way to incorporate AI into cybersecurity learning and assessment, custom “battle rooms” to train in a specific environment where AI can act as the adversary, and cybersecurity awareness programs for the rank and file.

Because cybersecurity is constantly shifting, Circadence has found a way to leverage AI to assess and score training exercises. The use of gamification places these programs in the rare place where learning and training become fun.

Lastly, they talk about how much progress is – or is not – being made with regard to bringing women into the cybersecurity profession, looking beyond the stereotypical “hoodie-wearing hacker” in a dark room, including how peer recognition (or lack thereof) might be contributing to the fact that women tend to leave cybersecurity after a relatively short 5-8 year tenure.