machine learning

A Cyber Army That Thinks, Learns, And Adapts

Regardless of industry, organizational security budgets continue to rise in the face of ever-escalating attacks. Terms like machine learning and artificial intelligence often cloud, rather than clarify, what one can expect from the technology supporting a given vendor’s solution. SlashNext aims to shake up the market by soundly delivering what security teams need – actionable alerts with extraordinarily low false positives.

We Could All Use It Nowadays. A CyberSecurity Angel On Our Shoulder.

Phishing threats have become highly sophisticated, combining social engineering aspects with targeted delivery, often resulting in financial, reputation, and brand damage to organizations. IRONSCALES offers multi-faceted solutions whereby employees can be trained and educated, attacks are surfaced through the use of machine learning-fueled analytics that empower security analysts to rapidly identify and remediate attacks before damage is inflicted, and the power of the crowd is employed to keep everyone safer.