Selena Templeton


Partner, Executive Editor, ITSPmagazine

Good thing she likes hats, because Selena Templeton wears many at ITSPmagazine. She is Partner and Executive Editor, she is the Diverse IT podcast host, and she covers and writes about industry conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, ISSA-LA, and AppSec.

Despite earning an English degree that people warned her would make her obsolete in today's "anyone can write on the Internet" world, she has had no problem making a living with the written word — and, in fact, has been unofficially promoted to Grammar Chief of Police because "anyone can write on the Internet." 

After working for two years in the Canadian publishing industry, she moved to California for the opportunities, sunshine and year-round avocados. She writes, ghostwrites and edits for a variety of clients across a wide spectrum of industries, including digital marketing, health, entertainment, and romantic debacles.

Covering Black Hat 2016 with ITSPmagazine co-founders Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli was the impetus that led to this triumvirate of creativity and visionary thinking.


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