Their Story Chats At Infosecurity Europe | London 2019 | Charles Lawson And Jeff Sizemore, Egnyte

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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Guests: Charles Lawson | Jeff Sizemore — Egnyte
Hosts: Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

The organization telling us their story today is Egnyte.

Egnyte delivers a content platform that is purpose-built for businesses of all sizes in pretty much any industry. Delivered as a single SaaS solution, the platform gives IT teams centralized control and protection over their files - it also gives end users fast access to their content no matter how or where work happens.

The guests joining Sean and Marco from Egnyte are Charles Lawson, GM & VP EMEA and Jeff Sizemore, VP, Governance and Compliance.

Unlike many company briefings, at ITSPmagazine we like to dig into the operational aspects of the company’s offering, looking at specific use cases in specific industries - and today is no different.

Charles and Jeff take us deep into the world of construction to explore how these organizations have transformed their business to where they can securely store and share sensitive documents and information as a means to streamline projects, manage their already-slim margins, and avoid paying penalties due to project errors or delays.

Then, to switch things up, we again go deep into the healthcare ecosystem to explore how multiple entities—including the patients—rely on secure access to health records, documents, images, and other sensitive data to not only reduce the costs associated with providing high-quality healthcare, but also ensure that accurate health services are provided at all levels—certainly at the patient treatment level, but also at the operational levels related to managing payments, garnering and leveraging insurance, and incorporating employers as well.

Both industries have gone—and continue to go through—a ton of digital transformation. Where have they succeeded? Where do they need additional improvements? We discuss this and a ton of other things relevant to most industries that rely on data and information to run their business.

It’s an interesting conversation—even a philosophical one at times, in fact.
We hope you enjoy it!

About Charles Lawson


Charles is the General Manager of Egnyte's EMEA operations where he is responsible for building and executing to the company's EMEA market strategy. A long time Egnyter, Charles previously led Egnyte's North American sales teams. Prior to Egnyte, he held extensive sales & sales leadership roles at enterprise software companies Servicemax, Arena Solutions, Valdero Corporation and Datasweep. Charles holds a BA degree from San Jose State University.

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About Jeff Sizemore


Jeff Sizemore, Vice President of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte, is responsible for the strategy and execution of the Egnyte Protect content governance solution. Jeff has an extensive background in data protection, specifically in encryption, key management, data loss prevention, and identity and access management. Jeff has helped define the market by contributing to several start-ups, including PGP (now part of Symantec), Ionic Security, and Port Authority (now ForcePoint DLP).

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