Jeff Sizemore

Their Story Chats At Infosecurity Europe | London 2019 | Charles Lawson And Jeff Sizemore, Egnyte

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Guests: Charles Lawson | Jeff Sizemore
Hosts: Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

In this podcast from Infosecurity Europe, Charles Lawson and Jeff Sizemore take us deep into the worlds of construction and healthcare (and beyond) to explore how these organizations have transformed their business to where they can securely store and share sensitive documents and information as a means to protect patient privacy, provide better health services, streamline projects, manage their already-slim margins, and avoid paying penalties due to errors or delays.

Both industries have gone—and continue to go through—a ton of digital transformation. Where have they succeeded? Where do they need additional improvements? We discuss this and a ton of other things relevant to most industries that rely on data and information to run their business.