Their Story Chats At Infosecurity Europe | London 2019 | Aftab Afzal, CEO, CyberCyte

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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Guest: Aftab Afzak | CEO, CyberCyte
Hosts: Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

The organization telling us their story today is CyberCyte.

CyberCyte is a UK-based cybersecurity solutions provider that delivers a unified platform for biometric identity, network access control, internet security with event visibility. By providing trusted identity, trusted access control, trusted internet, and trusted visibility, CyberCyte helps its customers operate securely within The Circle of Zero Trust.

What is The Circle of Zero Trust, you ask? It’s a virtual circle of protections and controls sitting on top of an integrated platform that allows you to know that access to both the Internet and the internal network by your end-users via their endpoint devices and apps are making that connection in a secure, legitimate manner. The Circle of Zero Trust tops all that off by giving you complete visibility into what’s taking place across your network infrastructure, so you don’t have to rely on trust – you can visually confirm that this is true.

To learn more about The Circle of Zero Trust and all of the elements that support it, Marco and Sean are joined by Aftab Afzal, co-founder and CEO of CyberCyte.

In true form, we like to look at the operational aspects of cybersecurity….and Aftab is going to help us do just that. During our chat, he gives us a view into what The Circle of Zero Trust is and how integrated network protections, access control, and biometrics, work together to build that circle — and how that fits into a variety of operational scenarios.

It’s an educational and thought-provoking conversation as we cross over from technology to cybersecurity, privacy, and society.

We hope you enjoy it!

About Aftab Afzal


Aftab is cyber security leader with over 20 years’ experience. He has held leadership positions with the industry’s leading technology vendors for Cloud, Network, Endpoint and Application Security. Aftab has assisted many enterprise companies and organizations in taking a holistic approach to security and in defining best practices. Aftab studies management at Oxford college before moving Brunel University and is currently completing an Executive MBA. In his spare time, Aftab is keen cyclist and can regularly be found attacking hills around Oxford shire.

Find Aftab on LinkedIn and CyberCyte on Twitter.