Their Story Chats at RSA Conference 2018 | Mordecai Rosen from CA Technologies

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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin, host of At the Edge

In today’s episode, Sean Martin sits down with Mordecai Rosen from CA Technologies to capture the latest story from him about what can be referred to as the "app economy."

The app economy is driving the next generation of business transformation via digital means. Tractor companies are now software companies. Banks are now software companies. Retailers are now software companies. Pretty much every company must now become a software company, too, by connecting their business processes and their products and services to their customers in unique and exciting ways. These business drivers are changing the way that security companies are talking to their customers: it’s about bringing giant advances to their business, similar to what Amazon has done.

But with these great opportunities come an increased threat surface. Things will continue to get worse, threat-wise, until companies take application security seriously.

Organizations struggle with this, however, as budgets are tight and skilled resources are slim. To overcome this, Mordecai suggests that organizations can empower their much larger application developers to help build security into every application. When cybersecurity is taken seriously, organizations can focus on achieving outcomes, experience revenue growth, and benefit from higher profits as opposed to chasing the latest threats.

It requires a cultural change, but the value of an SSDLC-driven digital transformation can be enormous.

Mordecai makes a lot of thought-provoking points here - I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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