Mordecai Rosen


General Manager, Security, CA Technologies

Mordecai (Mo) Rosen leads the Security Business Unit at CA Technologies.  He is responsible for ensuring the company’s products, services, and partnerships protect and enable customers’ businesses. By managing identities, enabling access, and protecting information, CA’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions help make sure the right people and right devices have the right access to the right information across all environments – from mainframe and distributed to cloud and mobile.

Mo joined CA Technologies in August 2015 after serving as Chief Operating Officer at Xceedium, a company recently acquired by CA, which developed privileged access management software.  He previously founded Zero-G, Inc., a venture-management firm that invested in early-stage technology companies. Previously, Mo served as senior vice president of corporate development at NetSec. He was also senior vice president of marketing and business development at FTP Software, Inc. Mo has held executive-level positions in product marketing, management, and business development at MCI, Computer Associates, and Legent Corporation. He began his career in a variety of product and technology leadership roles at Lachman Technology, one of the original providers of Internet-communications software for the UNIX platform. 

Mo holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.


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CA Technologies' Mordecai Rosen talks about the 'app economy' and how every company is essentially a software company w/ Sean Martin

In today’s episode, Sean Martin sits down with Mordecai Rosen from CA Technologies to capture the latest story from him about what can be referred to as the "app economy."

The app economy is driving the next generation of business transformation via digital means. Tractor companies are now software companies. Banks are now software companies. Retailers are now software companies. Pretty much every company must now become a software company, too, by connecting their business processes and their products and services to their customers in unique and exciting ways. These business drivers are changing the way that security companies are talking to their customers: it’s about bringing giant advances to their business, similar to what Amazon has done.

But with these great opportunities come an increased threat surface. Things will continue to get worse, threat-wise, until companies take application security seriously.

Organizations struggle with this, however, as budgets are tight and skilled resources are slim. To overcome this, Mordecai suggests that organizations can empower their much larger application developers to help build security into every application. When cybersecurity is taken seriously, organizations can focus on achieving outcomes, experience revenue growth, and benefit from higher profits as opposed to chasing the latest threats.

It requires a cultural change, but the value of an SSDLC-driven digital transformation can be enormous.

Mordecai makes a lot of thought-provoking points here - I hope you enjoy the conversation!



CA Technologies' Mordecai Rosen talks digital transformation and the trust framework w/ Sean Martin

In today’s episode of At the Edge with Sean Martin, Sean has the pleasure of speaking with Mordecai (Mo) Rosen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cybersecurity at CA Technologies. During their chat, Mo tells us of his early days as a Unix kernel hacker at Bell Labs, later moving on to Sun Microsystems, and ultimately having his privileged access management company be acquired by CA technologies. An identity expert through and through, Mo reminds us that, as an industry, we need to do our best to remove the friction from security, a goal he holds to the highest level as he and his team at CA work to build a trust framework designed to enable the digital economy. Mo has already done a ton to support some of the largest companies achieve their own digital transformation, but it’s clear from my chat with him that he has a ton more on his cybersecurity bucket list. Have a listen, enjoy the chat, and you might just get inspired.

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