At the Edge

An ITSP column and podcast series with Sean Martin, CISSP

Cybercrime is pushing us here.
Vendor marketing is pushing us here.
It's time we turn the tables here.

We're selling cybersecurity insincerely, buying it indiscriminately, and deploying it ineffectively.

My goal with this column is to bring transparency to the operational aspects of cybersecurity, breaking down the communications surrounding the methods, services, and technologies that the information security industry offers up for the latest in protecting our businesses and our society.

I'll take select briefings from vendors, exploring where their solutions best fit, how their solutions can be operationalized, and call the industry out when confusing, or otherwise misleading, messaging is put out for the world to see and hear.

We're all sitting here #AtTheEdge and have a huge decision to made: which direction will you take? Will you play it safe, turn back, away from the edge? Will you take some risk, take a leap of faith, and jump over the cliff? Or, will you hedge you bet, see what happens, and run across the edge?

Or, is there an alternative we're not yet aware of? If so, perhaps we can uncover it here.

At any rate, hopefully this column and the conversations we have here can help with your decision.

-Sean Martin

Upcoming Episodes

Operationalizing Security at a SMB Technology Company
Guest: Monica Bush, Nintex

Take VC Money or Grow Organically: How Your Decision Impacts the Market and Society
Guest: Steve Cochran, STEALTHbits

Off the Rails: A Chat That May, or May Mot, Arrive at the Next Terminal
Guest: Chris Roberts

Future Topics of Interest

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Securely Procuring Business Applications

Third-Party Risk Management

Social Engineering and End User Awareness Training

Internet of Things in the Workplace

Cyber Insurance


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