At the Edge

An ITSP column and podcast series with Sean Martin, CISSP

Cybercrime is pushing us here.
Vendor marketing is pushing us here.
It's time we turn the tables.

We're selling cybersecurity insincerely, buying it indiscriminately, and deploying it ineffectively.

My goal with this column is to bring transparency to the operational aspects of cybersecurity, breaking down the communications surrounding the methods, services, and technologies that the information security industry offers up for the latest in protecting our businesses and our society.

I'll take select briefings from vendors, exploring where their solutions best fit, how their solutions can be operationalized, and call the industry out when confusing, or otherwise misleading, messaging is put out for the world to see and hear.

We're all sitting here #AtTheEdge and have a huge decision to make: which direction will you take? Will you play it safe, turn back, and move away from the edge? Will you accept the risk, take a leap of faith, and jump over the cliff? Or, will you hedge your bet, and see what happens, and follow the edge to watch what others do?

Or, is there an alternative we're not yet aware of? If so, perhaps we can uncover it here.

At any rate, hopefully this column and the conversations we have here can help with your decision.

-Sean Martin

Latest Episode

Shaping The InfoSec Market One Investment At A Time
A Conversation with Chenxi Wang, Rain Capital

In this episode, Sean Martin is joined by Rain Capital co-founder, Chenxi Wang. A former research analyst, entrepreneur, and friend of ITSPmagazine, chenxi now looks after a fund and a portfolio.

Chenxi is helping to both shape and change the information security market. Hear from Chenxi as she shares her view on the state of the market, the balance between generating a return and solving important problems in this space, and how the combination of success and failure can lead to good investment insight.

Upcoming Episodes

Staying On the Rails: How Business Workflows Reduce Human Error and Risk
Guest: Ryan Duguid, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, Nintex

Going Off the Rails: A Chat That May, or May Not, Arrive at the Next Terminal
Guest: Chris Roberts, Chief of Adversarial Research and Engineering, LARES

More IoT Stupidity: A New Edition of the IoT Hall Of Shame Top 10
Guest: Arthur "Code Curmudgeon" Hicken

In IT Security, We're All A Little Insane: What, Did You Expect Something Different?
Guests: Chad Loder and Jason Hoenick from
Co-Host: Selena Templeton

Getting a Taste of the Threat Landscape
Guests: Andy Chandler from Blueliv and Laz from Blue Lava

The Value of Accessibility and Diversity in Technology and Security
Guest: Kevin Gosschalk from FunCapthca
Co-Host: Selena Templeton

Future Topics of Interest

Application Security and DevOps
Ethical Security and Marketing
Venture Capital and Investments
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Securely Procuring Business Applications
Third-Party Risk Management
Social Engineering and End User Awareness Training
Mobile Security and the Internet of Things in the Workplace
Risk Assessments and Cyber Insurance


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