Their Story Chats At RSA Conference San Francisco 2019 | Samantha Madrid of Juniper Networks

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A Their Story interview with John Dasher

Imagine leveraging the infrastructure you already have to protect you from unknown threats. Sound far-fetched? Perhaps, but Juniper Networks’ Samantha Madrid makes a compelling case for how this can be accomplished.

Samantha shares how Juniper is applying insight gleaned through behavior intelligence to areas such as wireless network usage. For example, machine learning and behavioral analytics are being used to establish baselines of “good” and “normal” to aid in the identification of what’s bad/abnormal. This can apply not just to people but to devices as well.

We peek into the future where devices and applications can authenticate to one another to ensure legitimate use. Juniper is already helping customers take advantage of public and private multi-cloud, using automation to ensure that policies follow users and workloads as they move from private to public cloud, or from provider to provider. In the coming year, Samantha sees customers embracing multi-cloud and Software Defined Enterprise, using the infrastructure that’s already in place. For example, one can leverage routing to detect and prevent DoS attacks.

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