Their Story Chats At RSA Conference San Francisco 2019 | Cathy Allen, CEO of Santa Fe Group

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A Their Story interview with John Dasher

Firms are outsourcing more and more, but the one thing they can’t outsource is responsibility. The motivation of malicious hackers has moved beyond notoriety and a quick buck to obstruction of business, reputational damage, and infrastructure/resource theft – all of which has forced a reset in how management and boards approach risk.

Join us on a whirlwind tour of some foundational thinking around third-party risk, cybersecurity, and board communication. My guest Cathy Allen of the Santa Fe Group walks us through a lively discussion on how third-party risk has evolved with and around the growth in malicious hacking, the changing makeup and thinking across boards of directors, the importance of diversity, and how well-thought-out tools assist with risk assessments.

We’ll even explore the relationship between AI and diversity – yes! – and how true diversity can be your ally in the fight on several levels (and it’s not as simple as race, ethnicity, and gender).