Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Mario Vuksan, ReversingLabs

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The REVERSINGLABS Story | Told By Founder & CEO, Mario Vuksan.jpeg

A Their Story interview with Marco Ciappelli & Sean Martin
Guest: Mario Vuksan, Founder and CEO, ReversingLabs

The organization telling us their story today is ReversingLabs

This is a story that started about ten years ago; however, in some ways it goes back a bit further than that—and perhaps we will never catch up with the present.

Is a story about a different approach to cybersecurity that has, at its core, a profound desire to understand how technology works and evolves; that places security center-stage in every discipline related—not only to computer science—but to all activities connected to the well-being and progressive development of our society.

This is a story about the importance of decoding the past and breaking things apart to learn how they have been conceptualized and constructed; doing so as a means for us to understand their history, internalize their meaning, and to build better versions in the future.

It is what reversing problems is all about. Digging back into how things came to be.

When you apply this concept to cybersecurity you can open an entirely new universe to explore in a different way; a universe made of source code, compilers, and binary structures; all of which needs to be studied, understood, analyzed, and re-built. Doing so will enable us to examine our past and present and build for the future capitalizing on the vast wealth of knowledge that now we have available.

Intrigued? So were we. Have a listen.