Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Ashish Gupta, Bugcrowd

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A Their Story interview with Marco Ciappelli & Sean Martin
Guest: Ashish Gupta, President and CEO, Bugcrowd

The organization telling us their story today is Bugcrowd.


I received a DM on Twitter, saying: “I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to research on your platform, I just bought a car with the money that I earned.” 

The message was from someone in India, so I sent a note back: “You know, next time I'm in India, I'd love to get it a ride in the car and a cup of tea with you.”

Two days later, I get a message while I'm thinking, “Did I offend the person? Why did it take so long to reply?” But the note said: “Sorry for the delay, I had to ask my mother because, you see, I bought the car for her, [she] gave everything for me to learn how to be a researcher. So I had to ask if she would be able to give you a ride.”

This is just an anecdote that is part of a much bigger story shared with us by Ashish Gupta, Bugcrowd’s CEO, and an overall great guy.

You see, the people we need in our industry can come from anywhere and from any race, religion, gender, minority — any background, really. As a matter of fact, the more differences we have, include, and embrace, the stronger we will be against cyber threats of all sorts.

Crowdsourced Bug Bounty continues to increase in popularity, in part because it helps companies to be more secure, but also in that the researchers are be able to do what they love and make money in a protected environment that often provides the right framework and tools to do this work. Of course, the ultimate goal and benefit is that big parts of our society will become safer.

Who knows, maybe soon enough we will reach that tipping point where the ethical hackers will prevail, and we will all be thankful for that. 

Listen up, there is much more to this conversation than these few points. It is a great story, and we are glad we took the time to listen and to help to tell it.

*Pardon the glasses clinking in towards the end. Take it as a toast to the future of our industry 😬 🥂!