Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Dimitri Vlachos and Matt Mosley, Devo

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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli
Guests: Dimitri Vlachos, CMO | Matt Mosley, VP of Products, Cyber Security

The organization telling us their story today is Devo.


During RSA Conference earlier this year, I had the chance to connect with some of the Devo team members for a quick podcast captured in their booth. One of the things we discussed was the concept of user experience within security applications; you know, the features and capabilities of the software that enables the analysts, managers, and other practitioners to do their jobs.

Since that conversation, I’d been thinking about the life and times of a SOC Analyst, yearning to have a follow-up chat to dig deeper into this topic. I wanted to discuss how a good user experience can make a security professional’s job more efficient and—to a certain extent, easier—and how, conversely, a poor user experience could not only affect the time on the job, but also the overall mental health of a security professional.

As we were all at Black Hat, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have this chat.

The timing was perfect to have this conversation since the Ponemon Institute and Devo put together a new research-driven report, Improving The Effectiveness Of The SOC. Marco was happy to join me to discuss the results with Dimitri and Matt, and we uncovered some additional elements to consider when a poor user experience is delivered with a security application or service. Without giving everything away, I will leave you with one word: burnout.

We looked at this issue with more vigor, exploring how the findings from this research, increased consideration for the SOC analyst and their career lifecycle, and a collection of better tools built with the user experience in mind can make the difference now and in the future.


If you use a security product or lead a team that uses security products, you should be.

Have a listen and share this with your peers. They will appreciate it.