Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Andrew Brandt, Sophos

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A Their Story About Cybercriminals | Told By Andrew Brandt, Sophos.jpeg

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli
Guest: Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher, Sophos

The organization telling us their story today is Sophos.


You’ve likely heard that cybercriminals run their underground businesses similar to those seen in public—they have employees, managers, executives—they have formal business processes, employ marketing tactics, use innovative technologies, and even employ machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation to help them get the best return—they have a supply chain to help the cybercriminal community make the most of their business ventures—and, with this, of course, there is a ton of supply and demand up and down the cybercrime stack.

So, how does this underground market work? Why does it work? To answer these questions, and much, much more, Marco and I had a chance to sit down with Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher, Sophos, during Black Hat 2019 to hear about some of the latest research he and the team at Sophos Labs are doing, exploring not only the technical aspects of things but also how the underground crime market actually works.

Don’t worry. For those of you that like to connect technology and research to the business end of things, we’re fortunate in that Andrew is able to take us down some intricate paths. These are some of the things we discuss:

  • Sinkholes

  • Command and Control (C2) servers

  • Emotet Malware

  • Baldr Malware

  • Crypto wallets

Ready to dig deep beneath the underbelly of the world of cybercrime? Have a listen.