Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Mahesh Rachakonda, CipherCloud

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli
Guest: Mahesh Rachakonda, CISSP, VP - Product & Solution Engineering | CipherCloud

With a background rooted in engineering, computer science, and middleware systems development, Mahesh Rachakonda, CISSP, VP Product & Solution Engineering at CipherCloud, has worked on several complex systems, including those found in hospitality, telecommunications, and even some military installments.

Taking the story beyond his role in the industry to that of CipherCloud’s story—which began back in 2010—Mahesh explains to us that the main company message and goal was all about enabling cloud adoption; something that initially took quite some effort to get organizations and people prepared and ready to trust this new operating environment.

As businesses adopted these cloud technologies, they also began to realize that there was a lot to understand concerning how and where security policies, controls, monitoring, and response were handled. This challenge is exacerbated given the sheer number of cloud environments running countless applications and services—which can vary dramatically depending on the industry and widespread use cases within each.

Listen to this story about Mahesh and CipherCloud. There is something interesting here for everyone — no doubt about it.