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🚀 ITSPmagazine has been selected as the exclusive media partner for the inaugural Launch Pad program, a Shark Tank®-style event! 🎉

RSA Conference 2019 APJ takes place 16 to 18 July in Singapore for its 7th annual event

Marina Bay Sands | 10 Bayfront Avenue | Singapore | 018956 | July 16-18, 2019


Our goal is to capture and share interesting and relevant stories, and in doing so, help connect information security and privacy with society, the way we live our lives, and the way we do our jobs.

We are excited to spend some time in Singapore this July in order to connect with experts and companies from all over the Asia Pacific and Japanese regions. We are excited to see many old friends and make new ones.

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Chats From RSA Conference In Singapore

Here they are! Our collection of daily conversations from RSA Conference 2019 in Singapore. Our guests take these conversations way deeper than just what happened at the event — they help us connect the conference activities to what’s happening in the industry at large and how that drives how we deal with security and privacy in society — both in Asia, and beyond. We’re grateful for our guests and hope you enjoy the conversations.

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Prefer a podcast? Have a listen!


Prefer a podcast? Have a listen!



Prefer a podcast? Have a listen!



Prefer a podcast? Have a listen!


A Conversation With Nigel Ng, President International Sales (APJ & EMEA)at RSA Security, and George Lee, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at RSA Security

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Nigel NG & George Lee.jpeg


A Conversation with Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk professionals at Forrester

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Jinan Budge.jpeg


A conversation with Srinivas Bhattiprolu, Sr Director-Solutions and Services-APJ, Nokia

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Srinivas Bhattiprolu.jpeg


These are the other conversations we had on day two of the conference.
Stay tuned for the videos and podcasts!

  • Magda Chelly, CISO / MD, Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd

  • Mikko Laaksonen, Founder, Secucial


A conversation with Professor Andrew Woodward, Executive Dean, School of Science at Edith Cowan University, and Dr. Ian Martinus, Director AustCyber WA Node at Edith Cowan University

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Andrew Woodward & Ian Martinus.jpeg


A conversation with Leong Boon Ang, Head of IT Security at National University of Singapore

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Leong Boon Ang .jpeg


A conversation with Charity Wright 雷倩, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at IntSights

A Conversation From RSA Conference 2019 APJ | Charity Wright .jpeg


These are the other conversations we have lined up for day three of the conference.
Stay tuned for the videos and podcasts!

  • Kate Healy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, Telstra

  • Bart Hogeveen, Head of Cyber Capacity Building, ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre

  • Aleksandr Lazarenko, Head of R&D Department, Group-IB

  • Venu Rao, CEO at Strobes / We Secure App [Launch Pad Winner!]

Chats On the Road to And From Singapore

Here’s some of the coverage we captured from the road:

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RSA Conference 2019 APJ News & updates

This year’s theme is, to put it simply, Better. Which means working hard to find better solutions. Making better connections with peers from around the world. And keeping the digital world safe so everyone can get on with making the real world a better place.

Learn about the latest cybersecurity developments in expert-led sessions, inspiring keynotes and in-depth seminars. Demo innovative products and solutions, network with infosec insiders and peers, and help move the industry forward as part of an engaged and empowered global community.



Look! It’s The RSAC 2019 APJ Launch Pad

ITSPmagazine has been selected as the exclusive media partner for the inaugural RSAC 2019 APJ Launch Pad program in Singapore!

Behind every great cybersecurity company is a stroke of genius that started it all. It can happen anywhere. The kitchen. The car. But when it comes to getting those ideas off the ground, there’s no better place than RSAC Launch Pad.

RSAC Launch Pad is designed to give early stage startups a platform to share their brilliant industry solutions. Three participants will compete in a Shark Tank®-style format to try to convince panel of venture capital investors and CISOs that their product has strong potential for success. The winner will receive a kiosk at the RSA Conference 2020 USA Early Stage Expo that could propel their company to the next level.

Here’s our pre-event interview with the 3 finalists (left-to-right between Sean and Marco):

- Guy Givoni, Co-Founder, SecureStack, Melbourne, Australia
- Paul McCarty, Founder and Lead Engineer, SecureStack, Brisbane, Australia
- Venu Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, Strobes WeSecureApp, Telangana, India
- Vaughan Shanks, Founder & CEO at Cydarm, Melbourne, Australia



RSAC Early Stage Expo

The RSAC Early Stage Expo is an innovation space dedicated to promoting up-and-comers in the industry. With emerging talent at every booth, this is your chance to meet 19 of the industry's most promising newcomers. Learn about their innovative products and solutions by visiting their kiosks or sitting in on a short demo at RSAC Early Stage Expo briefing center.

ITSPmagazine will be speaking on the Early Stage Expo … well, um, stage. Sean and Marco will be talking about all things at the Intersection of Technology, CyberSecurity, and Society between 3:15- 3:30 PM on Wednesday 17 July. Be sure to catch us there!

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