The ITSPmagazine Unusual Gatherings Talk Shows

Fortnightly Conversations At the Intersection of Technology, Cybersecurity, and Society, with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Fortnightly we discuss a topic that got our attention.
Pull up a seat. Sit back and relax. Most importantly, listen up.

Where are we going? Where do we come from? Is technology driving and controlling us, or are we still choosing our own destiny?

We are lucky. We have a lot of smart friends, we often meet new ones, and we all enjoy a conversation around a fire, a table, a barrel, a monolith, or whatever is available at the time. As long as the discussion is located at the Intersection of IT Security and Society; as long as we can discuss topics that are near and dear to all of us.

Sometimes it's about the future of technology and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, human intelligence, robotics, privacy (or lack thereof), the status of this industry and its people - almost always, it's about what it all truly means for all of us. Directly or indirectly, we hope to answer this question: what we can do to shape our future instead of letting the future shape us.

We built our outpost where Technology, Security, Knowledge, and Society converge, where many unusually-interesting people happen to walk by. More often than not, they like to sit down for a bit and have that conversation with us; sharing where they come from, where they are going, and why that matters. We call these our Unusual Gatherings.

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The latest Shows Captured on camera

Two episode were recorded during RSA Conference SF 2019, four episodes are from Black Hat / Defcon 2018 in Las Vegas, and our Pilot Episode from RSAC SF 18 is also here. We hope you enjoy them all!

On top of our weekly Radio Show, we are planning to produce many more Unusual Gatherings on camera. People seem to enjoy them as much as we like to have these unscripted conversations.

If your company wishes to participate and support ITSPmagazine conversations about the topics that are dear to us, the cybersecurity community, and the consumers of related products and services, please contact us. To learn more about sponsoring the show, visit this page.