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Let's face it: the future is now. 

We are already living in a cyber society, so we need to stop ignoring it or pretending that is not affecting us.

Here is where IT security and society truly intersect. Here is where we discuss the impact that technology and cybersecurity - or the lack of - have on our everyday life.

Here is where we look at all the internet-connected conveniences, we raise our voice and call for awareness, and we educate about information security, privacy and cyber safety.

Here is where we tell institutions, businesses, organizations, parents, kids, educators, and the whole of society to wake up and learn how to live with the future. 

There is also a Moral Compass that we need to follow, ethical decisions that our society, as a whole, needs to make  before is too late, and only awareness and knowledge will give us the tools necessary to choose the right path.

Because there is no better place than here, and no better time than now, to talk about the future of this digitally connected world.

- Marco Ciappelli 

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“We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster.” 
― Carl Sagan

Upcoming Episodes

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Artificial Intelligence: SciFi or reality, buzzword or concrete solution, enemy or ally? And where is the moral compass pointing? 

Host: Marco Ciappelli
Guest: Dr. Ayesha Khanna Co Founder and CEO of ADDO AI
Recorded in Singapore at RSA Conference APJ 2018

I met Dr. Ayesha for an interestiong conversastion about Artificial Intelligence, right after her partecipation in the final keynote session with Symantec CEO and RSA Conference Program Chair Dr. Hugh Thompson at RSAC APJ 2018 in Singapore. We discussed the present status and perception of AI for businesses, individuals and society as a whole, and the fundamental role of education in understanding, developing and managing AI in the present and future of our society. 


Do we neeed a "Geneva Convention" for CyberSpace

Host: Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin
Guest: Marcus Ranum Opening Keynote
Recorded right in Los Angeles at the ISSA LA Summit 10


SMBs and Cybersecurity: how to make it work with limited resources

Host: Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin
Guest: Shira Rubinoff
Recorded in Las Vegas at Black Hat 2018


r00tz asylum village at DefCon: the future of cybersecurity looks good

Host: Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin
Guest: Nico Sell, John Johnson, educators, parents, and kids
Recorded in Las Vegas at DefCon 26 


Unusual Gatherings at the intersection of IT security and society

Talk Shows recorded in Las Vegas during Black Hat, DefCon, BsidesLV, and Hacking Diversity

** These are the conversations **

Yo ho, yo ho, is an InfoSec life for me?
There are things that must be said about this industry and we are going to say them.

With: Gary Hayslip, Karen Worstell, Chad Loder | Selena Templeton and Sean Martin

Are you gonna walk that talk or just sit there?
Aren't you tired of hearing about the lack of diversity in cybersecurity? Because we have had enough.

With: Deidre Diamond, Julian Waits | Selena Templeton and Marco Ciappelli

The circus is coming! The circus is coming!
DefCon Villagers discuss the future of cybersecurity conferences. Bring the popcorn!

With: Ted Harrington, Ariel Herbert-Voss, Russell Mosley | Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tomorrow Land!
Smart cities, smart homes, smart cars, but how about smart people?

With: Chris Roberts, Gabriel Lawrence, "Shaggy" | Selena Templeton, Sean Martin, and Marco Ciappelli

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There are many more conversations coming soon.
Stay tuned!

Here are the latest Conversations 

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More Cyber Society related Stories from our Experts Corner

The Internet of Things status quo is a mess. We need trust and transparency, and we need it now.

Today’s conversation is with Ashwin Krishnan, Senior Vice President of Products & Strategy at HyTrust.

After a great podcast about the Moral Compass for Autonomous Vehicles that Ashwin had with Sean Martin, Marco Ciappelli took over the torch and invited Ashwin to join the Cyber Society Podcast on ITSPmagazine.

The two met during Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas, a day after we all learned that Rumba Vacuum Cleaners weren't just collecting dust, bread crumbs and pets hair; oh no, they were collecting map floors of people homes, and who knows what else.

Seriously, what is going on with all this big data harvesting? It is so cheap to do nowadays that companies do it anyway - either they need the data for their product or not. The commercial value may be huge for marketers shortly. But who is allowing companies to collect information about our homes, our cars, our lifestyle, and overall our privacy? How can a user opt-out or opt-in, and decide something that doesn’t even know about?

Listen to this conversation, and you will start getting the picture of the mess we are in with the Internet of Things right now. 

It is complicated, but we need to empower the user, we need knowledge, and we need a Moral Compass and strong ethics.

The Cyber Society needs trust and transparency, and it needs it right now.

I stole this one from from Sean's column 🤖

FunCaptcha's CEO chats with Sean Martin | Humans vs. Bots Online Battle - Most Of The Time We Lose

Consumers and business all over the world find themselves in an online struggle - one might even say they are in an ongoing, online battle; a battle that seems to be intensifying beyond our wildest dreams.

In today’s episode, we won’t be dreaming. Rather, we are going to be looking at some real-world examples where bots are playing the online game against humans and businesses - and are winning far more often than we would like.

To tell these stories, ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean Martin, is joined by CEO and founder of Australian-based company, FunCaptcha, Kevin Gosschalk. Kevin's company is dedicated to solving the hardest of the hardest problems in identifying humans and bots.

During our chat, which took place during the OWASP AppSec USA 2017 in Orlando Florida, Kevin shares some real cases where the bots are winning. Legacy technologies are leaving companies open to bad bot activity, oftentimes ruining their business and certainly sticking the consumers with the financial pain and frustration when trying to transact online. As you’ll hear from Kevin, some of the largest companies around the world are tackling this problem head-on. Once you hear his stories, you’ll know why.

Let's listen...

Power To The People - Knowledge Is Power.
A podcast with Chris Roberts and Dr. Christopher Pierson

This podcast is a post live panel conversation, following “Power To The People - Knowledge Is Power,” during Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas.

Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli invited Chris Roberts - Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies - and Dr. Christopher Pierson - Chief Security Officer and General Counsel at Viewpost - to hang out with us and have a chat. 

It is an interesting conversation. We invite you to listen to it.

We started discussing the status of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in today's cybersecurity solutions. What is possible, what is not, and what is “marketing” making appear today’s reality? I took the bullet for that. You are welcome, marketers! 

We also spoke about what is happening with all this big data collection executed by different kind of IoT devices, and what it takes to TRULY turn this into a positive thing for the final users. Privacy and security are concepts that cannot just be built in the products; they have to be built in the companies. It is TRUST. 

There is much more than just convenience in technology nowadays; there are inconveniences too and the only way for the users to be safe - for the time being - is to stay informed and empower themselves. At least enough to understand the basics.

Get ready; this is just the beginning of the Cyber Society. 
The best - or worst - has yet to come.

Have you met the GRIMM? We did, in Las Vegas, during Black Hat 2017. This is a great story. Enjoy!

What you are about to listen to is a new episode of The Cyber Society Podcast Series with Marco Ciappelli, which, this time, also happens to be part of the Diverse IT Podcast Series with Selena Templeton.

While in Las Vegas, for Black Hat USA 2017 and DEFCON we had a great conversation with Bryson Bort, Founder and CEO of GRIMM.

We discussed how GRIMM approaches diversity and inclusion, and how companies can really walk the talk if they put their heart into it. We also covered more societal, psychological and philosophical topics around cybersecurity for large companies, small businesses, and most importantly... users.

In the end, it wasn't as scary as we thought; actually, we had a great time.

Listen to this podcast and hopefully, you will learn something while having a laugh or two.

Thank you GRIMM!

Gary Hayslip and Ted Harrington chat with ITSPmagazine after The Side Effects Of The Internet Of Things | A Live Experts Panel At Black Hat USA 2017

Following the ITSPmagazine and BrightTALK live panel session at Black Hat USA 2017, two of the expert panelists - Gary Hayslip from Webroot and Ted Harrington from Independent Security Evaluators - chat with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli about the Internet of Things and their impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Moral Compass: Autonomous vehicles… whose life is worth more?

When software determines how autonomous vehicles behave - both in normal situations and in life-and-death situations - what can we expect as a society. What will these vehicles “know” about us, the other vehicles, and the the passengers in the surrounding area such that moral decisions can be made on the fly? Will we have control over this moral compass - or are we set to live in a world controlled by machines and software? Ashwin Krishnan, SVP of product and strategy at HyTrust chats about this new world with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin.

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Jeremiah Grossman shares his personal advice about living - and even dying - at the intersection of IT Security & Society. 

Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne, talks with Sean Martin from ITSPmagazine about living our lives securely - and passing on securely - as the digital world continues to evolve. Get Jeremiah's personal tips on home network security, password management, and more, in this exclusive ITSPmagazine An InfoSec Life interview. If you've never heard of someone getting "chipped".... tune in here to learn more.

Chris Roberts chats with ITSPmagazine about cyber security VS. cyber safety, artificial intelligence, privacy and other "fun" stuff.

Chris Roberts chats with ITSPmagazine's founders Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin about raising awareness and helping people use their technology more securely. We discuss perceptions and responsibility and how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help us be more secure if we surrender ourselves to it. The question is, are we already surrendering too much? We also ponder two other ideas... is the word "security" lost on society - would the word "safety" suit us better? And, last but not least, is there a big marketing value in having a certified "CyberSafe" product?