Marco Ciappelli


Co-founder, Creative Director, ITSPmagazine

Marco Ciappelli is the co-founder and Creative Director at ITSPmagazine. Upon completing his PhD in Political Science with a Specialization in Sociology of Communication, Marco started working in branding and advertising in his native town of Florence, Italy. With the rise of the ‘commercial’ Internet in the late ‘90s, Marco embraced this exciting new media and co-founded a boutique interactive agency in 1998. 

Since his move to the USA in 2000, Marco has been consulting for online brands across a wide variety of industries. With the advent of social media the jobs became much more exciting, and challenging – not only for the new marketing opportunities that it created, but also for the strong, direct impact that technology started to have on our everyday life and our society.

The advent of The IoT (Internet of Things) Society, its sociological and psychological repercussions on our way of life, and the inevitable connection with information security (or lack thereof) was all Marco needed to meet his long-time friend Sean Martin at the intersection of IT security & society.

Marco's goal with ITSPmagazine is to tell great, meaningful stories, and when possible, to have a positive impact on people’s lives.