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Chats From InfoSec Europe 2019 | A Conversation With Javvad Malik

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin 

Why do we go to conferences?

To meet fantastic people, create great content, and tell entertaining stories. Sometimes it all happens at the same time.

This was one of those occasions.

We hope you enjoy listening to this chat as much as we enjoyed having it.

Chats From InfoSec Europe 2019 | A conversation With Troy Hunt

By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Sean Martin 

It was a bright, cold day in June, and the clocks were striking thirty past nine in the morning. On this last day on the Olympia show floor in London, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Sean and I were finally able to say hi, sit down, and have a good ole chat with Troy Hunt while we sipped on a cup of hot coffee. Yes, a podcast with Mr. Troy Hunt!

Reverse Engineering BlueKeep: What You Need To Know To Prepare

By Sean Martin

Guests: Scott Scheferman | Rick McElroy | @JaGoTu

I recently came across a post from Scott Scheferman about the BlueKeep vulnerability and patch that intrigued me. After a few attempts to bring together a few folks, I was able to pull in Rick McElroy and @JaGoTu to join Scott and I for a chat about what’s real with respect to this threat. Needless to say, this group did not disappoint.

During our nearly-one-hour chat, we cover tons of stuff and there’s a lot to absorb here. I would encourage you to take the time to learn from this conversation and then apply what you’ve learned to your infosec program. And, if you value the community, take a moment to share this with a few of your peers to help them out.

Chats From InfoSec Europe 2019 | Your Car Is A Smartphone On Wheels | With Ian Tabor and David Baker

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

During Infosecurity Europe in London, Marco and Sean connected with Ian Tabor, car enthusiast and car hacker along with David Baker from Bugcrowd, to discuss the roles of ethical hacking and crowdsourced security analysis in ensuring the safety of drivers all around the world.

Ian, a core member of the Car Hacking Village — a group of professional and hobbyist car hackers who work together to provide hands-on, interactive car hacking learning, talks, hardware, and interactive contests — takes us through the trials and tribulations of the research he performs, including the challenges with sourcing the vehicles, finding the flaws, reporting the flaws, and protecting himself from potential legal action in the process.

Chats On The Clouds To InfoSec Europe 2019 | The Largest InfoSec Summit In Europe Brings People Together | With Nicole Mills, Senior Exhibition Director, Infosecurity Group

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In today’s chat, Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin connect with Nicole Mills, the event director for Infosecurity Europe. Nicole took time out of her final moments of preparation to share with us what we can expect during the 24th edition of the summit taking place in the Olympia in London.

With more than 12 months invested in planning, attendees will be treated to 10 stages with talks taking place all day, every day, over 400 exhibitors with demonstrations and hands-on activities, and networking events within and outside the conference center. Listen in to hear more about the event that has a lot of something for everyone. And, if you have a moment while on-site at the event, thank Nicole, and her extended team, for their hard work bringing us all together to help each live a victorious and healthy InfoSec Life.

Chats On The Clouds To InfoSec Europe 2019 | Marketing Security to the Board & Execs | With Killian Faughnan, Group CISO, William Hill

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In today’s chat, Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin speak with Killian Faughnan, Group CISO, William Hill. During the conversation, In addition to getting some insight into how Killian looks at cybersecurity as a whole, during our chat today we got to dig into the lightning talk Killian will be giving during InfoSec Europe in London as part of a 4-part keynote session titled Building Brand Infosec: Engaging Employees to Drive Secure Behaviour.

Chats On The Clouds To InfoSec 2019 | London

As part of ITSPmagazine's InfoSec Europe 2019 coverage, the team at ITSPmagazine will be hitting the clouds, so to speak, as they make their way to London, England, to connect with a number of the conference keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, and more. We'll use this chronicle to capture the conversations we have so you can find them all in one place. Stay tuned here for more updates as we stop at various places along our journey to InfoSec.

Chats On The Clouds to InfoSec Europe 2019 | Skills and the Future of CyberSecurity | With Kevin Fielder, CISO, Just Eat

By Sean Martin | Co-host Marco Ciappelli

In today’s chat, Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin speak with Kevin Fielder, CISO for Just Eat. During the conversation, Kevin shares his views on cybersecurity and what it means to secure the business at Just Eat, focusing on the 13 countries, 100,000 restaurant partners, 26 million customers, nearly 4000 colleagues in the company.

Official Launch Of The Cyber Ireland Cluster | County Cork

By Sean Martin

Guests: Eoin Byrne, Jacky Fox, Pat Larkin

Lead by IDA Ireland with support from Enterprise Ireland and in collaboration with academia, industry, and government, Cyber Ireland officially launched on 20 May, 2019 as the official establishment of a National Cyber Security Cluster in Ireland, hosted at Cork Institute of Technology. In addition to attending the event, I recorded a podcast with some of the board members and captured some pictures as well.

ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI | A conversation with Richard Greenberg

By Marco Ciappelli

On the last day of ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI, I had the pleasure to chat about this event, the present status of cybersecurity, the plans for the future, and few others interesting topics with Mr. Richard Greenberg. We had this conversation while enjoying the view of the Santa Monica beaches from the deck of the gorgeous Annenberg Community Beach House, where this year summit was held for the first time - after outgrowing the original UCLA location and the Universal City Hilton.

I think I can say that this fantastic group of volunteers are doing something right.

Inspirefest Dublin 2019 | A Recap In Pictures

By Sean Martin

Created by Silicon Republic, Inspirefest is a two-day festival exploring the future of science, technology and creativity — topics that are right up our alley here @ITSPmagazine!

Our very own Sean Martin attended the event, and, while Sean was there, he captured some pictures (in the gallery below) and put out a few tweets as well, some of which you’ll find below the photo gallery.

You Are Number Six! I Am Not A Number! I Am A Free Device! — The Importance Of Identity In The Connected World

By Sean Martin

Guests: Emily Miller | Ted Harrington | Dean Weber
Host: Sean Martin

In today's episode, I connect with Emily, Dean, and Ted, we look at the current state of security in IT, OT, IoT, and ICS — and the connections between these different environments.

Together, we explore how identity plays a critical role in ensuring a safe environment that can be traced to specific sensors, devices networks, and people. And, with the massive numbers of things hitting the market—and our society—we attempt to answer the question surrounding our ability (or lack thereof) to scale the controls and protections to minimize—or perhaps even eliminate—undue exposure to risk introduced by these things.

The 12th Edition Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR): Read It And Spring into Action

By Sean Martin

Guests: Gabriel Bassett | John Grim
Host: Sean Martin

Today's episode comes to you in concert with the release of the 12th edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigation report comprised of data from 73 contributors, the highest number since its launch. Gabriel Bassett, Senior Information Security Data Scientist and John Grim, Senior Manager, Investigative Response Team — both from Verizon Enterprise Solutions — join ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin. We discuss the role of the DBIR in building and maintaining information security programs, what some of the key findings are, and how to make the data actionable.

National Cyber Security Alliance's CyberSecure My Business And ITSPmagazine: A Conversation With Daniel Eliot

By Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Daniel Eliot

Today’s episode is a very special one as we get to connect with our good friend, Daniel Eliot, Director of Education & Strategic Initiatives at National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) where he is responsible for building and maintaining NCSA’s newest initiative, CyberSecure My Business. During our quick chat, Marco and Sean discuss our recent partnership announcement and what’s to come during National Small Business Week.

Social Engineering. The Past. The Present. The Future. | With Jenny Radcliffe

By Marco Ciappelli
A conversation with Jenny Radcliffe.

In this podcast I am having a fun — and, hopefully, educational — conversation with my favorite social engineer from Liverpool, Jenny Radcliffe — also know as The People Hacker.

In this first, of many, conversation, we talk about her and about social engineering: the past, present and future of it. For starters, she defines herself as "a life long social engineer" and a "non-technical one," which means that she specializes in the psychology side of it and all that has to do with the so-called human factor — aka, the way the earthlings think, act and react.

WISP and ITSPmagazine: A conversation with Co-Founder Elena Elkina

By Selena Templeton & Sean Martin

Today’s episode is a special one: We have a fun chat with Elena Elkina, co-founder of Women In Security And Privacy (WISP), to kick off and introduce ITSPmagazine’s strategic partnership with WISP! In this short conversation, we get to know a bit about Elena (she’s a partner with Aleada Consulting), the organization (a non-profit whose mission is to advance, advocate for, and increase participation of women in the Privacy and Information Security fields), and why we decided to partner with each other.

We’re Moving Toward Technologies That Enable Humans Rather Than Try To Automate Them

By Sean Martin

During RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Sean Martin sat down with Jill Orhun, Head of Strategy and Operations for Cyber at Devo, Seema Sheth-Voss, VP Product Marketing at Devo, and Chris O’Brien, Head of Technical Marketing at Devo — a group of folks who connect with customers and prospects — to discuss trends and anomalies they’ve seen.

Let’s Broaden the Definition of Diversity in InfoSec

By Selena Templeton

Selena Templeton chats with Tracy Maleeff, cyber analyst in a SOC at GSK, about the importance of diversity in cybersecurity — not the typical diversity bullet points that people always talk about  (gender and race), but rather, a diversity of backgrounds. Tracy started her career as a librarian before realizing that her “natural paranoia and distrust of things was a career path,” which led her to InfoSec.

There Are Many Paths Into InfoSec And Almost Any Background Is An Asset

By Selena Templeton

Selena Templeton chats with Sarah Young, Azure Security and Compliance Global Blackbelt at Microsoft, about her non-linear journey into InfoSec. There are plenty of ways into the industry and almost every background – librarian, psychologist, physician, historian  – can be an asset. Sarah is one such person, and in today’s episode, she shares entertaining stories and helpful nuggets of advice around mentoring, studying, getting hands-on experience, attending security conferences, etc.

Inspiration is what is needed to inspire change

By Marco Ciappelli & Selena Templeton

Here at ITSPmagazine, we are always looking for inspiration, muses and revelations. It is what drives us and what usually makes for a good story to tell. For me and Selena, on a sunny Southern California morning, inspiration came in the form of four young students that together make the CyberAegis Aether, an all-girls middle school cybersecurity team from San Diego that is competing in the Cyber Patriot National Finals.