TechStak is the personalized IT and cyber security matchmaking service that connects small to medium sized business to curated, pre-vetted providers. We help improve the IT and cyber security partner selection process through transparency and insights. Businesses see that TechStak pros come highly recommended by other businesses not only for their technical expertise and responsiveness, but also for their exceptional customer service. With TechStak, businesses make confident IT and cyber security outsourcing decisions because they work with reputable providers they can trust.




Tiffin Cyber


Tiffin Cyber serves the small business and M&A communities with cybersecurity assessments and compliance readiness to identify gaps, design and implement remediation plans, architect software solutions, and provide ongoing oversight, all tailored to the unique cybersecurity needs and budgets of the organization. Tiffin Cyber makes the complex world of cyber defense easier to understand and consume.




(TL)2 Security Ltd


(TL)2 Security provides sensible information security services for start-ups and established global organisations.

We can help you understand what security can do to improve your business, not what it can stop your business from doing. Offering services from strategic consulting aligning your security function to the business, Virtual CISO, training and awareness campaigns and public speaking and brand advocacy. The founder of (TL)2 Security, Thom Langford is an established CISO, international public speaker and blogger, the Sole Founder of Host Unknown, and the driving force behind The Lost CISO. 


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Team8, Israel’s leading cybersecurity think tank and company creation platform, develops disruptive companies that challenge the biggest problems in cybersecurity and give organizations the advantage over cyber attackers. We work with innovation leaders and entrepreneurs alongside a research group with intimate knowledge of cybersecurity, access to the best cyber talent and a cyber syndicate of leading global brands that provide access to customers, partners and key influencers.



CEO, Nadav Zafrir, During Atlanta Cyber Week

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Tripwire delivers advanced threat, security and compliance solutions used by over 9,000 organizations, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Tripwire enables enterprises, service providers and government agencies around the world to detect, prevent and respond to cyber security threats.

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Travis Smith, Principle Security Researcher at Tripwire, continues his work on My Bro the Elk

Travis Smith, Principle Security Researcher at Tripwire, continues his work on My Bro the Elk - working on it in the context of the small and medium sized businesses. Sean Martin, ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, originally covered this topic with Travis presenting a session during Black Hat 2015. This article ended up being ITSPmagazine’s first on-publication article.

Travis is now focusing on the SMB market as they are a targeted entity and are often underfunded and understaffed. Travis' work with the new My Bro the Elk combines technologies to create insights, and combines them as part of what he calls the "Sweet Security" offering which monitors network traffic while providing protection as well.

During our conversation, Smith also offers some core best practices, including network segmentation, which is handles virtually with the Sweet Security device. Goodness all around from Travis, for sure.

Interested parties can find the application stack is absolutely free at:

Craig Young from TripWire talks with Debra Farber about Android TV device security and privacy

A lot of the security and privacy settings we’ve come to know and expect on our Android phones doesn’t seem to be carrying over to Android TV devices available to buy today. In most cases, the device you buy online may never see an official update from its vendor. This doesn’t mean it won’t get updated - the team at TripWire found that these devices are vulnerable to compromise such that they could be maliciously updated with new firmware, turning on the camera and the microphone - essentially for surveillance purposes.

That cause you to pause a bit? It should. Listen to this conversation between The Privacy Pact's Debra Farber as Craig Yound from TripWire's Vulnerability Research Team looks at these IoT security privacy challenges we face as a society.

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Thycotic prevents cyberattacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling access

Thycotic is the optimum choice in proactive Privileged Password, Account Access, and Endpoint Security for more than 7,500 customers worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises

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Joseph Carson, from Thycotic, presents the results of the 2017 State of Cybersecurity Metrics Report

Marco Ciappelli met with Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic, to discuss the results of the company’s first annual 2017 State of Cybersecurity Metrics Report,

The report analyzes key findings from a Security Measurement Index (SMI) benchmark Survey of more than 400 global business and security executives around the world.

According to the report, most companies worldwide are failing to measure cybersecurity effectiveness and performance.

More than half of the 400 respondents in the survey, 58 percent, scored an “F” or “D” grade when evaluating their efforts to measure their cybersecurity investments and performance against best practices.

While this sounds bad for big companies it gets even worst when we look at small business. For example: In 60% of the cases they cannot recover from a serious cyber attack.

Listen to this story recorded on the Expo Floor at Black Hat USA 2017 - pardon the background noise.



Twistlock are a group of security geeks with a passion to make systems safe. Together we have many years of experience in information security and enterprise software. With exceptional architecture and machine learning talents to boot, Twistlock is leading innovation in the container security space.


Tiro Security


Founded in 2012, but bringing together over 30 years of experience, Tiro Security is a boutique company specializing in information security and IT audit recruitment and solutions.

Tiro Security is the only company on the West Coast providing both information security recruitment and professional security services, made possible with in-house technical knowledge. These solutions include Penetration testing, Phishing Training, Security Awareness Training and our popular Virtual CISO (vCISO) as a service. 




TeleSign is the leader in Mobile Identity solutions, helping customers secure more than 3.5 billion end user accounts worldwide and prevent registration fraud, while improving user experience and managing support costs. TeleSign delivers account security and fraud prevention with two-factor authentication based on each user’s Mobile Identity (phone number, device and behavior) and driven by real-time, global intelligence, including reputation scoring and device data.