Cloud Managed Networks


Cloud Managed Networks provides enterprise grade IT network solutions for cloud-based and on premise network security, Wi-Fi, data switching, collaboration, device management and more. Cloud Managed has clients in education, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and more. It has a national footprint with an experienced team for network design, integration and support. Designed as a one-stop-shop for IT, Cloud Managed focuses on solutions that offer scalability and ease of management. Going beyond Information technology solutions (end points, firewall, switches, SD-Wan, etc.) and services, Cloud Managed Networks can also does installation, managed services and system architecture. Client relationships are key and make it easy for you to have your "IT simply work"





Cloud Academy


Our Platform is Redefining Training

Traditional approaches to training are no longer effective. Modern training must be practical, impactful, and measurable.

Digital skills are built at the intersection of knowledge, experience, and context. The fundamental building blocks of the training templates in our Library meet teams wherever they are along the cloud maturity curve, imparting the knowledge and experience needed to take them to the next level. Our training platform is intuitive and scalable. Most importantly, all training is easily customizable, which enables organizations to provide context and guidance for teams of any size. Teams leveraging Cloud Academy hit the ground running.

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Cyber Happy Hour

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Cyber Happy Hour was started back in 2016 with a strategy to make cyber less intimidating for the uninitiated. Providing a platform where thought leaders can reach a larger, more diverse professional background allows for a unique interaction w the audience. Our goal is to make cyber security less threatening, and more inclusive to folks who may not have a technical background. 

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We offer Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Network Security Audits and Threat Hunting services to help uncover hidden security gaps fast. We are a team of information security veterans, who are constantly breaking new ground with our unique approach that is focused on proactive cyber security initiatives.




CyberSaint Security


CyberSaint Security is a leading cybersecurity software firm that helps organizations address business risk through an automated, intelligent cybersecurity compliance and risk management program.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the CyberSaint team’s intellectual DNA winds deeply through the academic, tech and investment communities in Boston, the White House, RSA, IBM, EMC, KPMG, MIT, Harvard and others. The Company’s mission is to empower organizations to adopt cybersecurity frameworks that enable holistic measurement, enhance communication and improve cybersecurity resiliency.

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Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies

Supported by The Cyber Society Column

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The Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies (CCSIRS) is part of the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Florence. Established in 2015, the CCSIRS aims at promoting and deepening the knowledge on cyberspace dynamics through a policy-oriented approach. More specifically, activities are focused on analyzing the influence that cyberspace exercises over both Italian national security and the international system's stability, peace and security.

The Center’s multidisciplinary approach succeeds in integrating the traditional fields of Social Sciences (politics, economics, law, strategic and military studies) and Computer Science. The analysis is conducted by Italian and international experts with variegated backgrounds.

The Center shapes its international activities by creating an ever-increasing solid network of public and private partnerships, aiming at guaranteeing excellent research. Through its established collaborations with numerous scholars, researchers, experts, consultants and students, the Center deals with the following topics:

Cyber Warfare | Cyber Diplomacy | Cyber Security | Cyber Crime
| Cyber Law | Cyber Intelligence | Cyber Terrorism | Digital Economy

In order to promote awareness on cyber security issues,
the Center offers:

Free access to its collection of publications, articles and academic papers.

A cyberspace-dedicated bibliographic selection of more than 3000 titles.

A free newsletter on national and global cybersecurity developments.

Brief analyses and daily updates are also offered through the Center’s social media.

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Column Information Security

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Column Information Security is a leading consulting and solutions provider for information security. Our set of comprehensive solutions and services for the enterprise, public sector and government organizations ensure mitigation of risk through strategic planning, implementation of leading technologies and building and operating security systems and programs.





Cequence Security


Cequence Security delivers automated security software solutions for today’s hyper-connected organizations that rely on web, mobile, and API application services to support business processes and enable customer engagements.

Cequence products not only strengthen the security posture of these organizations, but also deliver the automation needed to improve the productivity and efficiency of IT resources.

The Cequence Security management team includes former leaders of Palo Alto Networks and Symantec. The company is venture-backed and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.


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We have a passion for information security. After many decades working in the IT industry, we have come to recognize security as the point where most professionals and companies fail. Anyone can set up a network, but not just anyone can secure that same network properly. Unfortunately for small and medium sized businesses, this means that the few who can perform security management properly charge so much that it’s simply unaffordable. That is why we started CyberX. We wanted to create a solution that is affordable for small and medium sized businesses. We believe that security should be affordable and effective.  






CureMD is a leading provider of Cloud based EHR, practice management and medical billing services to transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our award-winning solutions simplify decision-making, streamline operations and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices - ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

History - Established in 1997.

At CureMD, healthcare technology is our core focus. This single vision has enabled us to continuously innovate products and services that facilitate care providers, while providing steady growth and profitability.

25,000 + users nation wide, Pure web based - no end user installation, - instant browser access, Low upfront fee with free hosting, training, upgrades, support and maintenance, All-in-one enterprise class solution, unified multi-tenant framework, N-tier architecture (scale horizontally and vertically), Flexible deployment, On Demand (SMART Cloud) or On Premise (Self Hosted), Promoting safety, care collaboration, efficiency and customer service, Meaningful Use guarantee





Circadence® Corporation is a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity education and training. Powered by a culture of innovation and the demands of an evolving cyber landscape, Circadence offers cyber range solutions and cybersecurity training platforms that leverage artificial intelligence and custom content to address critical security challenges for enterprise, government, and academic institutions. Circadence’s solutions deliver persistent, immersive and true-to-life experiences that match and adapt to contemporary threat environments.

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Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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Makers and thinkers, hackers and scholars, researchers and programmers – find your spark of genius at Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Information Networking Institute (INI). 

The INI educates and develops engineers through technical, interdisciplinary master’s degree programs in information networking, security and mobility that incorporate business and policy perspectives. Whether you want to launch a tech start-up, join an enterprise R&D team or fight cyber-crime, at the INI you’ll gain the skills and experience necessary to realize those aspirations and much more. 

Apply now to the INI's graduate degree programs!

Earn your degree in information networking, security and mobility at Carnegie Mellon University.

Enhanced by real-world experience, the INI's unique combination of rigorous technical and practical industry-oriented topics will empower you to be one of the movers and shakers of the tech industry.

Our programs provide an advanced, specialized curriculum combining computer science, electrical and computer engineering, software engineering and information systems while incorporating business and policy perspectives.

Through flexible, interdisciplinary curricula, INI students can customize their program experience to help them realize their career aspirations.

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CounterCraft is a pioneering deception-based cybersecurity platform that runs automated counterintelligence campaigns in the digital realm. Its Cyber Deception Platform provide active defense and protects large enterprises with trustworthy alerts and real-time active response.

Award-winning, the company was founded in 2015 by an experienced executive team. Today its solution is used by Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Fortune500 companies. CounterCraft is backed by leading VC firms and operates globally.


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Founded in a garage in 1996, we’ve grown into a world leader in risk-based composite authentication and biometric identity management. Our solutions address a range of concerns in today’s rapidly changing security climate – from preventing data breaches by eliminating the password to ensuring the safety of a country’s citizens by verifying refugees seeking asylum against biometric databases.


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Identity management, authentication, and access control technologies and business processes are directly impacted by the resurgence in the identity management and access control market. With this, they ways run which we access systems and data is also changing. Will passwords go the way of the dodo bird? If so, what does that world look like? How can the world look to government entities such as Estonia and Singapore to provide better identity management and control? These questions, and more, are discussed during this conversation between Jeff Carpenter from Crossmatch and Sean Martin from ITSPmagazine.




Coronet is an award-winning, privately-held leader in cloud security. Based in Tel Aviv, CORONET enables organizations to fully secure all BYOD, SaaS and cloud services without any integration or customization, containers or proxies, or other tools that limit users, impact their experience, or inhibit productivity. Requiring zero operator involvement, Coronet’s patented SecureCloud Platform continuously identifies risks and threats to ensure that only trusted users, using trusted devices, connecting through trusted networks to trusted cloud services can access corporate data. Based on those risks, the platform automatically controls applications users can use, activities users can perform, and data they can access.


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CyberArk is the only security company that proactively stops the most advanced cyber threats – those that exploit insider privileges to attack the heart of the enterprise. The company has pioneered a new category of targeted security solutions to lock down privileged accounts and protect against cyber threats before attacks can escalate and cause irreparable business damage. CyberArk is trusted by the world’s leading companies – including more than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 – to protect their highest value information assets, infrastructure and applications, while ensuring tight regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

Securing Privilege and Containing Attacks on the Endpoint

Enforcing privilege security on the endpoint is a fundamental part of your security program, but doing so could impact user and helpdesk productivity. This short video demonstrates how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager helps remove this barrier, adding a critical protection layer to strengthen your existing endpoint security and allowing you to contain attacks at the endpoint.

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Closer Still


CloserStill Media specializes in high-value, content-driven events and the nurturing of B2B or professional communities. The company operates chiefly in the healthcare and technology markets with events in London, Birmingham, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our portfolio includes some of the fastest growing, and often award winning, events including the London Vet Show, Cloud Expo Europe, The Pharmacy Show, Learning Technologies and The Dentistry Show.

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ITSP Magazine is delighted to partner with Cloud Security Expo and we would like to offer your a FREE ticket to join us at ExCeL London on 21-22 March 2018.

They’re out to get you.
But we’re here to help you.


Cloud Security Expo 2018 is the most relevant gathering of security expertise anywhere in the UK. The place to get answers. The place to solve problems. The place to develop the survival skills you’ll need to fend off those digital predators. Against the backdrop of tightening GDPR laws and increased attacks, Cloud Security Expo 2018 is a hub of security evolution. It’s literally the only place you’ll experience the latestbest and mostpractical cloud security thinking.

Secure your FREE ticket today by clicking the button below or register at:

Here are just a few reasons why you should attend
Cloud Security Expo in 2018...

•    It’s quite simply the industry-leading event for digital-age guardianship. 

•    Meet with hundreds of the world’s leading suppliers delivering services and solutions critical to your cloud security including Censornet, CyberArk, DarkTrace, Duo Security, Echworx, Forum Systems, F-Secure, GlobalSign, Neustar, Qualys, Seculution, Sophos and Watchguard.

•    There will be thousands of hours of free content from over 150 expert speakers sharing insight and inspiration including Avira, Burberry, City of London Police, Dovu, Facebook, John Lewis, Microsoft, National Cyber Crime Unit, The National Crime Agency and Trend Micro.

•    NEW features for 2018Get GDPR Ready! Theatre, Unicorn and Diversity & Talent Panel Streams. For more information on our 2018 features - CLICK HERE!

•    And there will be over 20,000 of your peers attending, across the two days offering you an invaluable time of networking and idea-sharing.

And that's not all... ONE ticket allows you access to FIVE co-located events - Cloud Expo EuropeBig Data WorldSmart IoTand Data Centre World.

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Campus Consortium


Campus Consortium is a leading education association with more than 37,000 higher education institutions and K-12 school district members. The Campus Consortium's mission is to help members reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel.