Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd.


Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. is a cyber security advisory and training company. We are based in Singapore, however we operate all-over the world, providing services like Virtual CISO, CISO As A Service, and many other consultancies in risk management, vulnerability mitigations, cyber risks identification, policy recommendations & reviews, compliance assess-ments (MAS TRM, ISO 27001:2013, PCI-DSS, etc) , security controls gap analysis & recom-mendations and cyber awareness programs, etc.

Our target audience varies from medium size companies to Fortune 500 organizations around the World.







BLACKCLOAK provides concierge cybersecurity protection to corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals to protect against hacking, reputational loss, financial loss, and the impacts of a corporate data breach. Its solution and cyber warriors safeguard clients, their families, and homes from cyber intrusions, privacy issues, and identity theft using a unique blend of enterprise grade cybersecurity controls and specialized products.




Gray Analytics


In a world filled with complex threats, Gray Analytics brings clarity to the critical mission of cybersecurity. From Supply Chain Risk Management to Enterprise Cybersecurity, we provide best-practice services across a broad spectrum of cyber scenarios for both government and commercial customers. We start by helping you define the threats, with proven follow-through for managing and defending the ecosystems. And for government contractors we offer NIST Compliance support that’s second to none.

Cybersecurity can seem like one big gray area. At Gray Analytics, we’ve got that covered.






VioletX is a Cyber Security company created with the mission of securing startups, small and mid-sized business from cyber threat. Our team works with clients who have a limited cyberinfrastructure to jump-start their entire cyber effort, as well as more mature organizations who would like to assess and expand what they have built thus far.

Cybersecurity is serious, but it does not have to be made unnecessarily complicated. We make it a point to simplify and streamline our approach to cyber so that both technical and non-technical leaders, as well as their teams, are able to make smart choices and maintain clarity on their road to security and compliance.

Our clients share the same risk profile as large organizations, but require approaches that are sized to their organizations in time, budget and technology. Our passion is innovating around these parameters.





Retail Secure

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Retail Secure provide affordable cyber security and PCI compliance solution. We have been pioneering in the payments and communications industry for more than 25 years. We have a wide amount of experience in providing managed network solutions for many clients, ranging from telecommunications companies to banks. Our ambition is to provide simple, cost-effective security solutions to SMBs while ensuring all our clients achieve both PCI DSS and Guest Wi-Fi compliance.






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Connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity. For more than 17 years, we’ve stayed on top of global IT security issues and shared the critical knowledge and tools needed to protect against ever-evolving threats. Through our network of industry experts, thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers, we collaborate to produce leading-edge, relevant content and educational opportunities. We host 17 annual conferences across North America, web conferences every three weeks, and online training courses, and serve as a hub for cybersecurity news and resources.



Digital Craftsmen

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We're Craftsmen in Cloud and Cyber security, we tailor technology around the current and future needs of businesses, agile to scale when the company grows, and designed with security at the core of the build, with 24/7 cover and monitoring by a ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified and verified team bringing trust and peace of mind. We offer hybrid cloud solutions working across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and offer our own private Cloud bringing the best of breed technologies and software to each client.





Myki Password Manager & Authenticator


The award-winning Myki product suite offers three solutions: The Myki Password Manager & Authenticator for individuals, Myki for Teams geared towards SMBs and Enterprises, and Myki for MSPs customized for Managed Service Providers & IT Resellers.
The Myki Offline Password Manager & Authenticator stores your passwords, payment cards, notes and IDs, offline and away from the cloud.





The Accellion secure file sharing and governance platform empowers millions of corporate executives, attorneys, healthcare providers, investment advisors, government employees, and other professionals all over the world to share sensitive information with external partners simply, securely, and in compliance.

When users click the Accellion button inside an email, mobile or enterprise app, they know it’s the simplest way to securely share sensitive information with the outside world. By giving users an easy, secure external communication channel, CISOs prevent data leaks, protect against malicious attacks, and eliminate shadow IT.


Archangel Indonesia


Archangel is an independent cyber security company based In Indonesia
Archangel’s unique product is creating a private network and that is protecting all the computers and other mobile devices which are in that private network, against all cyber attacks and preventing any lateral spreading of contamination inside the private network.



Systems Atlanta

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Discover the difference skills training by Systems Atlanta can make in your approach to professional development. With more than 40 years of experience, our instructors are well-equipped to deliver high-quality, just-in-time skills training solutions for individuals working in IT, cyber security, and adjacent industries. Reach out to our company training experts today to get started. 



Cyber Happy Hour

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Cyber Happy Hour was started back in 2016 with a strategy to make cyber less intimidating for the uninitiated. Providing a platform where thought leaders can reach a larger, more diverse professional background allows for a unique interaction w the audience. Our goal is to make cyber security less threatening, and more inclusive to folks who may not have a technical background. 

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We offer Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Network Security Audits and Threat Hunting services to help uncover hidden security gaps fast. We are a team of information security veterans, who are constantly breaking new ground with our unique approach that is focused on proactive cyber security initiatives.






The world has changed dramatically, and in a very short time. The combination of IoT, BYOD, and cloud has changed our definition of access, and removed the line between work and home. Anything that can be connected will be, and we still expect IT and Security teams to manage and secure everything despite increasing fragmentation. At Axonius, we believe that the solution to fragmentation starts with visibility. Our cybersecurity asset management platform intends to first provide a single point of view into every device.

In this video, Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius, shares the company elevator pitch with the ITSPmagazine team ahead of winning the RSA Conference 2019 Innovation Sandbox award.


The Axonius team wins Most Innovative Startup during the RSA Conference 2019 Innovation Sandbox  (click the image to learn more)

The Axonius team wins Most Innovative Startup during the RSA Conference 2019 Innovation Sandbox (click the image to learn more)

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Paubox is the easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email. The following solutions are HITRUST certified: Paubox Encrypted Email, Secure Email API, Email DLP Suite, and Inbound Security.

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Semperis arose from a need in today’s digital technology-driven culture to detect, recover and restore quickly from compromising and potentially disastrous Active Directory events, both on-premise and in the cloud. We exist to ensure a precise infrastructure integrity so that our customers – Fortune 500 companies, and financial, healthcare, government, and other enterprises worldwide – can do their important work effectively, continuously and confidently, without disruption.

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Santa Fe Group


The Santa Fe Group’s team of advisors is the best in the industry, offering clients the opportunity to draw from the most advanced thinking, gain exclusive insight from technology and security experts and access a deep knowledge bank of industry, regulatory and legislative issues.

Our team of experts provide world-class industry insight that helps you:

Identify valuable trends, risks, and vulnerabilities.
Make meaningful, collaborative connections.
Facilitate and implement positive and productive change.
Advise, educate, and empower your organization.

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