Understanding Nintex’s Cloud Architecture – From Apps to Data Sovereignty – What We Learned

Patrick Hosch (L), Lead Technical Evangelist at Nintex and Mike Fitzmaurice (R), VP of Workflow Technology at Nintex.

Today’s session was delivered by workflow guru, Mike Fitzmaurice - VP of Workflow Technology at Nintex - and Patrick Hosch, Lead Technical Evangelist at Nintex. The hot topic on the agenda was Understanding Nintex’s Cloud Architecture – From Apps to Data.

Mike began the session by explaining the journey the audience was about to take, a deep dive into the front and back ends of Nintex’s Workflow product, and how to use it in connection with Microsoft Azure and Office365. Patrick partnered with Mike to help dissect aspects of the Nintex Workflow App such as trust, ribbons, buttons, content types and hidden document libraries.

Step-by-step the audience were lead through the various layers of mobile forms and processes within the Nintex Manager. “Basically, Nintex gave Workflow Manager a load of instructions to make it dance,” said Mike. Patrick helped the audience experience this “dance” by walking them along the path of creating new workflows.

In this ninety-minute session the attendees – most of whom are Nintex Workflow customers –  are further convinced that Nintex’s solution offers tremendous automation power. Constant updating and regular improvements of their cutting edge processes is the icing on the cake.

Nintex’s Workflow platform works seamlessly with SharePoint. It gives you the flexibility to deliver your workflows on-premises or in the cloud, or even benefit from a hybrid solution involving both if you're so inclined. People can tackle assigned tasks from wherever they are, even from their mobile device; the work flows automatically from place to place.

The variety of deployment options give Nintex customers plenty of choice. After a quick show of hands, the majority of attendees proved to have on-premises deployments yet seemed eager to explore the opportunity to move their Nintex Workflows to the cloud.