Tesla Uses Nintex Document Generation to Accelerate Business

  Vincent Cabral, VP of Product at Drawloop, now part of Nintex

Vincent Cabral, VP of Product at Drawloop, now part of Nintex

Vincent Cabral, VP of Product at Drawloop, now part of Nintex, was the master of ceremonies for the session. Cabral is a self-confessed document fanatic and has done extensive work with Tesla to automate their document creation process. The fact that they could generate the same Microsoft Office files with ease, was a massive draw for Tesla. Tesla require a platform that remains manageable while using multiple document sets; these documents are being used across the Unites States and other countries and need to be produced and available in a short time frame.

Cabral described Tesla’s mission and pointed out how exactly document generation fits inside Tesla’s business processes. “Tesla needs a serious platform to work off,” said Cabral. “They don’t just demand the best, they expect the best,” he added. “If they use a product, it has to outshine all other products – Nintex fits the bill.”

With 51 unique document packages supporting 4 different languages and producing over 60,000 documents a month, this system must run like a well-oiled machine. Tesla lay a unique foundation for success and drive their business by setting seemingly-impossible goals. They tend to build from the ground up and are always in total control of their environment.  

Tesla: They don’t just demand the best, they expect the best

The penultimate section of the session involved the workflow for the management of a lease invoice - Cabral presented a demo through which he created a car lease quote. He easily formatted a new Dynamic Document Package (DDP) powered by Drawloop. It’s clear how this document generation works for Tesla. Simply dragging data from a Microsoft Excel sheet and dropping this data into a formulated Nintex document, the process takes only a matter of minutes. 

The session wrapped up with questions and open discussion from the audience. Although none of the session attendees left with the keys to one of Tesla’s fine transportation creations, we all left the room with a great appreciation for how Nintex systems marry perfectly with the requirements of this world-leading organization.