Nintex InpsireX – Best Practices, Hands-On-Learning, Networking and Sessions

John Burton, Nintex CEO

The opening keynote session at the Nintex InspireX conference was brought to us by Nintex CEO, John Burton. The Nintex Chief has continued since 2013 to guide his organization to become a world leader in workflow solutions. The industry veteran pointed out that Nintex shapes the workflow space, delivering software and cloud services that empowers organizations to automate everyday business processes quickly and easily. “Our job is to make you look good,” said Burton.

Through colorful slides the audience across many sectors were shown how the use of Nintex workflows are imperative to the smooth daily running of their businesses:

  1. Information Technology – internal processes, help desk support
  2. Finance/Administration – travel and purchase requests, contract management
  3. Human Resources – employee hiring, vacation requests, employee training
  4. Sales & Marketing – event planning, proposal creation, customer sales
  5. Operations – travel requests, product approval processes, quality assurances
  6. Customer service – help desk, customer complaints, product documentation

Grow or die - if you don’t transform, you’ll be left behind
— John Burton, Nintex CEO.

With new pressures being a constant chore on the IT sector, organizations are increasingly looking at large scale transformation through technology, culture, and process changes; these things are all interconnected. Digital disruptions are forcing IT leaders to address the need for change at a pace never seen before; and there is no end in sight. Solution opportunities appear and disappear at faster rates. Lightweight, configurable systems displace inflexible legacy IT systems. Functionality is decomposed across internal and external providers. According to Gartner Inc., monolithic systems and vendor relationships give way to loosely coupled ecosystems. “Grow or die” says Burton. “If you don’t transform, you’ll be left behind,” he adds.

A case study was prepared for an organization in the UK called Home Group. Home Group provide general needs housing aimed towards helping some of society’s most vulnerable people take control of their own lives. They house over 120,000 people a year, managing 55,000 homes in over 200 authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales. Vicky Brown, Knowledge Manager for Home Group, showed the audience that before Nintex went live they relied on basic and out of date Word spreadsheets to share accurate information with their customers. Now, with Nintex, the advisors can access data more quickly, resulting in faster response times, and in turn, increasing customer satisfaction. “With Nintex we can deliver corporate solutions to non-corporate applications,” says Tony Hughes, Sales Specialist at Home Group.

Burton concluded the keynote with a number of slides designed to show how Nintex allows the flexibility to work where and how you choose, by bringing together data and actions that exist across an entire business’ ecosystem; including support for mobile devices and remote activities.

“We’re evolving to meet your needs” Burton declares. “We are doing this through the ever expanding platform we are delivering.”

A top-notch customer conference through-and-through, conversations in the sessions and in the halls proves that one can do amazing things with the Nintex Workflow Platform.