Nintex Helps ITGroove To - Automate Everything - Really

The word on the street promised this session to be a good one, so expectations were high. The attendees were welcomed by Sean Wallbridge, President and Principal Consultant at ITGroove, and Alec McCauley, Team Leader and Senior Consultant also at ITGroove. They are based and work out of Vancouver Island, Canada with a team of business and technology consultants providing SharePoint and Office365 solutions.

ITGroove uses Nintex to automate just about everything; from turning on lights, to service notifications. They use Nintex to power their business while simultaneously empowering their customers. With 140 clients on their books, a seamless and effortless means of passing data is a must. This situation requires symmetry, with employees working around the clock on different shifts, not only onsite in the office, but also using their mobile devices out in the field. The company’s slogan is “Getting it Working for You,” so pressure to perform exceptionally well is a daily battle. Nintex allows for smooth daily operations by producing scheduled, automated reports and informative data sharing.

ITGroove have three key issues to tackle:

  1. How do they facilitate clear, concise communication without creating noise?
  2. How do they create accountability without overburdening staff with reporting duties?
  3. How to give decision makers access to the right data to make timely decisions?

These are a lot to formulate for even the most experienced of organizations, but saying that the ITGroove team appear to have it all wrapped up.

Using Nintex as their platform for data processing, information flow, and efficient actions has proved to make them the success story they are today. They even sport cleverly-programmed orbs to light up in their Victoria office to notify staff of a task which needs immediate attention.

“With the right ingredients, directions, cooking time and a dash of secret sauce – that’s what gives us the X-Factor,” says Wallbridge. Surely a Michelin Star is imminent!

Having a Monthly Report Card Support system in place and delivered automatically to their customers allows clients to monitor their systematic performance for the weeks gone by. This cutting edge company simply translates real data effortlessly through Microsoft Word powered by a Nintex SharePoint template.    

With the right ingredients, directions, cooking time and a dash of secret sauce – that’s what gives us the X-Factor
— Sean Wallbridge, President and Principal Consultant at ITGroove

On conclusion, ITGroove delivered a witty and captivating session and we could appreciate how imperative Nintex SharePoint is to their consultancy operations. Nintex appears to be the perfect middle-ware to ensure all their tools operate in perfect sync without much effort. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you at next year’s conference.