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Why Threat Sharing and Collaboration Will Move the Defensive Needle

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Join our expert Troy Vennon, Director of Security Innovation, for a practical discussion about threat sharing and securing your organization in today's risk-driven world.

There is simply not enough bubble wrap and duct tape to protect our companies from every threat. Our budgets are always shrinking and our needs expanding. Yet, protecting our companies’ (and consumers’) data is vital in today’s threat environment. To do so, we need a solid understanding of our terrain, our adversaries and our current situation. Then, we can define what security protections we really need—not just what the vendors want us to buy.

Join Troy for a practical discussion on how to secure your enterprise in today’s risk-driven world. Troy will cover important topics like why collaborating with your peers can accelerate:
- Assessing your organization’s readiness, strengths, and gaps when it comes to security
- Modeling your real threats to determine your adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures
- Implementing a practical security framework that works and doesn’t break the bank
- Communicating what matters, when it matters