When Managing Risk, A Little Bit Of Human Curiosity Certainly Helps

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By Sean Martin

How can you ensure that your risk and vulnerability management data tracks to the right spot at the right time versus crossing your fingers and hoping that people not only get it but also understand it and can communicate with other stakeholders about it?

That question is what I wanted to understand, so I met with Dearbhail Kirwan and David Kennefick from Edgescan to have them tell their story of software development lifecycles, risk management and vulnerability management. We also discussed the use of well-defined processes, integrated tools and automated workflows to improve communications throughout the organization while also reducing—if not eliminating—the amount of time the operational teams spend chasing their InfoSec tails.

There’s no point in automating dodgy processes. It is a waste of time.
— David Kennefick

To be even more specific, I asked Dearbhail and David to describe their product's integrations with Jira, Slack and ServiceNow as a means to shed some light on why and how businesses are using these tools to streamline their risk-aware business processes.


About Dearbhail Kirwan

Dearbhail is a security consultant at Edgescan with a First Class Honours Masters in Computer Security & Forensics from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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About David Kennefick

David is a product architect at Edgescan with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Software Engineering and a Masters in Computing, Security, and Forensics from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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