Their Story Chats at RSA Conference 2018 | Craig Lund from aapi

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A Their Story interview with John Dasher

If companies want to both consume and produce APIs, they have to use two different tools to do so. And, if they wish to integrate their APIs into legacy systems, they must use an API system that may seem very antiquated to many. So the team at aapi developed a tool that's really a next-generation integration platform designed to bring all of these different functionalities together on a single platform.

Typically, in the past, organizations would slap an application firewall in front of their applications to protect them. But that doesn't work, because, with APIs, it's all about responsiveness; latency is a "no-no."

Instead, the aapi solution does a check for every single request to access an API, but without any performance hit or latency.

aapi has 3,500 different tested, verified APIs available for free on the site. If you think about that, that's 3,500 APIs times 70 different languages; that's hundreds of thousands of potential use cases that aapi offers free and they are working to keep growing that number; perhaps even double it by summer. The goal is to have the world's biggest free library of verified, tested APIs for developers to use.

To get started, Craig suggests that organizations begin using their system by looking at an API that's particularly valuable or perhaps one where the marketing department makes some money from it; pick the APIs you know you need to protect at all costs. There is a "freemium" version so developers can try out the service.

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