Their Story Chats At Infosecurity Europe | London 2019 | David Baker, Bugcrowd And Pete Beck, IOActive

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A Their Story interview with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli

Guests: David Baker, Bugcrowd | Pete Beck, IOActive
Hosts: Sean Martin | Marco Ciappelli

The organization telling us their story today is Bugcrowd.

If you think about it, most painters won't select only a brush or a roller to paint a whole house. The same can be said for IT security managers looking to paint a robust security management picture for their organization. In most cases, they need the breadth and scale that a crowd-enabled research team can provide coupled with the precision of a very focused research team.

Attack security is a fundamental part of any security program.
— David Baker, CSO, Bugcrowd

During the Infosecurity Europe event in London, Bugcrowd and IOactive announced a new partnership that's designed to provide the brush and the roller and everything between — bringing the right security researcher talent to the right projects at the right time.

David Baker, CSO from Bugcrowd, and Pete Beck, Associate Director from IOActive, join Marco and me from the Olympia show floor to tell us more about the partnership and the direct benefits it can have for their customers. As usual, we like to peel back the onion a bit and, in doing so, we uncover a few indirect benefits the partnership has on Bugcrowd's and IOactive's business that then translate into additional benefits for their combined customer base.

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