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Reach the most engaged ITSPmagazine audience.

ITSPmagazine is dedicated to raising awareness for cybersecurity, especially in the context of how it impacts us as we do our jobs and live our lives. One way that we reach our audience is through the delivery of the ITSPmagazine newsletter.

With the goal of providing educational content in an easy-to-digest manner, our newsletter reaches ~20,000 opt-in subscribers that have an active interest in information security and privacy. If getting your brand in front of this selected audience is of interest to you, consider sponsoring one or more newsletter deliveries.

If you are ready to go, simply select the placement (as a sponsorship located at the top of the newsletter or as an advertiser located lower in the newsletter) along with the delivery options (once monthly or 4 times monthly) below and press the "Next" button and we will be off to the races with you.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss a customized brand awareness campaign that includes reaching our mailing list audience, please feel free to contact us.