Calendar Of Events

Below is the current working list of all webcasts planned for this series.


Dec 2017 - Prologue: Introduction to the Series

Theme: History of Connectivity and Security - Episodes I - II - III

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We thank Symantec for sponsoring the first three episodes of our
SMBs CyberSecurity Education Series

Jan 2018 - Episode #1 | Why Is Cybersecurity So Important Nowadays? Even For SMBs?
This episode is sponsored by NINTEX and PREVOTY 

Jan 2018 - Episode #2 | I Am Not Selling Online. So, I Guess My Business Is Not A Target, Right?
This episode is sponsored by VALIMAIL and (ISC)²

Feb 2018 - Episode #3 | History Of Cybersecurity And Hacking 
This episode is sponsored by (ISC)² and Kabbage

Theme: Making the Cyber Connection to the Small/Medium Business  - Episodes IV - V - VI

Mar 2018: Episode #4 | An Intro to Cybersecurity Basics

Apr 2018: Episode #5 | A Deeper Look at Cyber Risk

Apr 2018: Episode #6 | How Can You Tell if Your Business Has Been Hacked

Theme: Dissecting the Various Types of Threats

Q2 2018: Episode #7 | What are viruses, malware and ransomware?

Q2 2018: Episode #8 | What is phishing and spear-phishing?

Q2 2018: Episode #9 | What is social engineering and awareness training?

Theme: Cybersecurity Basics | Prevention

Q2 2018: Episode #10 | Keeping things safe: device and system protection best practices

Q3 2018: Episode #11 | Access control basics: password management and authentication best practices

Q3 2018: Episode #12 | Keeping communications safe: networking and Wi-Fi best practices

Theme: Keeping Your Stuff Safe Wherever It Lives

Q3 2018: Episode #13 | Point of sale security

Q3 2018: Episode #14 | Mobile security

Q3 2018: Episode #15 | Internet of Things security

Theme: External Factors and External Support

Q4 2018: Episode #16 | Compliance and regulations

Q4 2018: Episode #17 | Managed services / security service providers

Q4 2018: Episode #18 | Cyber insurance

Theme: Removing the Mystery

Q4 2018: Episode #19 | Unraveling risk: No rocket scientists required

Q4 2018: Episode #20 | Third-party (vendor and supplier) risk management 

Q4 2018: Episode #21 | Digging deeper: Types of hackers

Schedule To Be Determined (these are open for discussion/scheduling)

Timing TBD: Multiple industry-specific sessions (financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, technology, and more)

Timing TBD: Digging deeper: The Dark Web

Timing TBD: Digging deeper: Threat intelligence and information sharing