Valimail Announces the First and Only Automated SPF Solution

Patented Valimail SPF™ Instantly Fixes Any Company's SPF Record for Increased Deliverability and Improved Security

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Valimail, the world's only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today the availability of Valimail SPF™, which fixes any organization's Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records instantly and makes them maintenance-free, allowing companies to increase deliverability and compliance for the emails they send. 

In today's cloud-centric world, organizations often need to authenticate dozens of cloud services to send email on their behalf. Valimail SPF™ provides a breakthrough technology that eliminates the SPF 10-domain lookup limit, a restriction within the SPF specification that prevents many organizations from properly configuring their SPF records for the many services and systems they may be using. With Valimail SPF™, messages from all of these services authenticate correctly, ensuring maximum deliverability.

Valimail SPF™ is powered by Valimail's anti-impersonation platform and includes the company's unique, patented Instant SPF™ component. Valimail SPF™ is the world's only automated SPF solution that supports authenticating an unlimited number of services and systems on a single domain.

Valimail SPF™ is a unique solution that combines three key components: a patented approach to delivering SPF records, a unique service identification technology, and a one-click graphical user interface for managing email services:

  1. Valimail Instant SPF™ is the world's only automated SPF technology that supports authenticating an unlimited number of services and systems on a single domain. Built on top of Valimail's global, cloud-based infrastructure, Instant SPF™ dynamically generates a perfectly tailored SPF record, in milliseconds, in response to each mail server request. Instant SPF™ is scalable, fail-safe, and is already serving SPF records to process many billions of customer messages per month as part of the Valimail Enforce product. 
  2. Valimail Service Identifier is a component of the Valimail platform that identifies thousands of email-sending services based on incoming data from mail gateways.
  3. Valimail SPF Manager is the interface that enables customers to automate SPF authentication for any given service with the click of a button.

Valimail SPF™ uses the same point-and-click interface found in the company's full email authentication solution, Valimail Enforce, letting IT and security staff authorize or deauthorize email services with a single click. Moreover, customers need never worry about changes to the underlying configuration: The Service Identifier system ensures that the SPF configuration for each service is always up to date.

Configuration and setup of Valimail SPF™ is simple: Customers only need to point their SPF record in DNS to Valimail, and our cloud service will instantly fix any problems and keep it accurate on an ongoing basis in real time.

Valimail SPF is available immediately. For more information, see

About Valimail

Valimail provides the first and only truly automated email authentication solution for brand protection and anti-fraud defense. Valimail's patented, standards-compliant technology provides an unrivaled one-click solution for DMARC enforcement to stop phishing attacks, increase deliverability, and protect organizations' reputations. Valimail authenticates billions of messages a month for some of the world's biggest companies, in finance, government, transportation, health care, manufacturing, media, technology, and more. Valimail is based in San Francisco. For more information visit