Stroz Friedberg Acquires Gotham Digital Science (GDS), Forms Global Cyber Resilience Business

NEW YORK, NY – April 14, 2016 Stroz Friedberg announced today significant investments in its global cybersecurity capabilities through the acquisition of Gotham Digital Science (GDS), an international information security consulting firm that brings market-leading offerings in red team penetration testing, application security and source code review. GDS’s strengths, coupled with Stroz Friedberg’s expertise in threat intelligence and incident response (IR), creates a more complete set of security solutions for clients.

Additionally Stroz Friedberg announced the appointment of Rocco Grillo to head its newly formed global Cyber Resilience business, which merges the company’s existing IR and security science units. These investments will leverage the firm’s reactive and proactive IR and security science capabilities to better help companies mitigate risk borne out of today’s digital and connected business environment.

“Businesses want to work with one organization that understands their security posture and can guide them through the process of achieving cyber resilience, from assessment through implementation, as well as response and remediation,” said Michael Patsalos-Fox, CEO of Stroz Friedberg. “With the acquisition of GDS, we can provide a much needed solution that will help organizations become and remain resilient, despite a rapidly evolving threat environment,” Patsalos-Fox added.

Founded in 2005, GDS works with clients to assess risk, design, build, and maintain secure applications, networks and processes. GDS has an established reputation as one of the most sophisticated firms in the cybersecurity space providing high-end application security services along with threat-intelligence led CBEST & CREST STAR red team penetration testing. GDS co-founders Andrew Nairn, Justin Clarke-Salt, Matt Bartoldus and Joseph Hemler will play critical leadership and entrepreneurial roles in the growth of the combined business.

“Joining forces with Stroz Friedberg will give our team access to unrivaled threat intelligence and IR capabilities. Coupled with our strengths in application security and red team penetration testing, we can offer clients a more comprehensive range of solutions to their most complex cybersecurity challenges,” said Justin Clarke-Salt, a co-founder of GDS. “We have a history of successful collaboration with Stroz Friedberg and look forward to integrating our complementary skill sets, industry accreditations and technical abilities.

”Grillo will lead Stroz Friedberg’s new Cyber Resilience business that includes the company’s incident responders and security scientists who deliver the firm’s proactive and reactive cybersecurity capabilities. In this role he will also work closely with the GDS red team and application security experts as well Stroz Friedberg’s digital forensics business, leveraging 12 digital forensics labs worldwide.

“Boards and senior leaders are continually seeking guidance to help navigate their cybersecurity challenges and prepare for disruption caused by cyber-attacks. Rocco Grillo brings more than 20 years of information security experience, has been in the trenches with companies in every industry, and has guided boards and executives throughout the process to help safeguard critical assets and prepare them to respond to attacks. The leadership he brings to our team will further our reputation as the first choice for the most complex cybersecurity issues,” said Patsalos-Fox.

GDS is CREST (the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) STAR (Simulated Target Attack and Response) and CBEST penetration testing certified and is also a member of the UK Government CHECK scheme. Its clients range from professional sporting organizations to marquee financial services brands. The firm has more than 60 people across its offices in New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; and London.