SafeDNS Proves High Quality of Its Service


For the second year running SafeDNS gets Approved Parental Control Product award and a certification by AV-Comparatives, a world leading test lab of online safety and antivirus products
Upon thorough tests of the SafeDNS web filtering service for parental control and online safety AV-Comparatives has found SafeDNS consistently makes the grade in protecting kids from dangerous and unwanted resources on the internet (

The SafeDNS service allows parents to manage and monitor kids' online activity, protect them against botnets, phishing and malware sites, block distracting internet ads. According to the test lab report, "SafeDNS provides parents with a fine-grained control over which website categories their children may access". Just as last year the company's parental control is most effective in filtering out pornography and adult-only sites – 98% of these resources, grossly inappropriate for kids, are blocked with SafeDNS.

It is very important the service achieves such an outstanding efficiency without overblocking users. The lab tests have proved kids are not going to experience any issues trying to access appropriate and child-friendly internet resources from individual web-connected devices and networks protected with SafeDNS (

Multiple useful features of SafeDNS offer parents almost unlimited opportunities to personify the service to suit their needs. Exceptions to SafeDNS users' personal filtering rules are easily created with individual white and black lists. Adults worried their kids see much explicit content when searching the web for information are advised to enable a SafeDNS feature allowing to activate a safe search mode for the two most popular search engines – Google and Bing. In this mode most of explicit content is removed from Google and Bing search results.

Parents of young YouTube fans know there are all kinds of videos there – from child-friendly ones to those extremely ill-suited for kids. To give themselves some peace of mind adults can use a SafeDNS option for enforcing YouTube Restricted Mode. With the option on, watching YouTube videos is much safer for children.

For additional web protection of an entire family SafeDNS users can filter out most of online advertising of any kind – video, audio, pop-up, context and banner ads. With them blocked children concentrate on relevant content only. And there will be no advertising images inappropriate for kids. Besides, internet ads get ever more dangerous as they are oftentimes infected with malicious software. A single click on an ad like this leads to infecting a user's device with malware.

As the SafeDNS web filtering service with such an impressive set of features and options is once again acknowledged as Approved Parental Control Product it is recommended to responsible parents as a great tool to safeguard children against web threats and much
of the bad stuff on the internet making it cleaner and safer for users all over the world.

About Company: SafeDNS was founded in 2010 for developing cloud-based web filtering solutions. In 2013 a commercial version of the service for home, educational and corporate users was launched. In 2014 the company released its web filtering platform for ISPs and mobile operators. The SafeDNS filtering servers are located throughout data centers in Europe, New Zealand, North and Central America. Every day the company processes over 2 billions queries from users of its filtering service. Now the SafeDNS products and cloud service are used by more than 300 telcos, 4000 organizations and tens of thousands of home users and about one million of anonymous free users worldwide.

The top quality of the SafeDNS web filtering service has already been acknowledged by world leading test labs and publications. In 2015 the service was named Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives. In February 2016 SafeDNS became Editor’s Choice for Content Management & Filtering Solutions in 2016 Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec Awards. Learn more about us at