Retail clerks skimming credit cards will be stumped with the embedded fingerprint reader

Las Vegas --– June 21, 2016 ---- “The underhanded will be stumped trying to figure out how to steal a fingerprint. That neat little way of life where a thief’s ideal retail position is to work just a few hours in the morning, then spend the rest of the day on Madison Avenue with a pocket full of skimmed IDs on forged cards. That kind of manipulation by the devious is about over. Our fingerprint activated cards prevent skimming,” states Chaya Hendrick, CEO SmartMetric, Inc.

“Those days of skimming will soon be over. No longer will a sneaky little swindler simply swipe your card through the cash register as usual, but then quite deceptively run it through a little skimmer device in his/her pocket. Your precious ID, now stored on the skimmer, is later manipulated to create a new credit card which will be used on an upcoming shopping spree. Once the big banks start issuing our credit cards embedded with our miniature fingerprint reader, it is likely to be the end of the swindlers hey-day of ID theft.”

“Even if a thief should manage to physically steal your card, he/she can’t use it. The only way it works is by pressing the owner’s fingerprint on the card. The owner’s fingerprint is the only ID that can successfully complete a retail transaction, ATM transaction, or make a purchase on a POS card reader. Just press your finger on your card to make your card work. No one else can activate it,” concludes Ms. Hendrick.

SmartMetric has the only biometric card in the world with a miniature fingerprint scanner that can be used across all card reader platforms, including ATM's. The SmartMetric card also conforms to all ISO and banking industry standards.

The Company is engaged in ongoing discussions with the biggest card issuers in the U.S. and Europe.


Registered in the State of Nevada and based in the U. S, SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering, research and development company with centers in Argentina, Palo Alto, and Tel-Aviv.

SmartMetric specializes in miniature electronic systems and software for use in Biometric identification and validation. Hardware and software engineering are done internally. The Company can deliver unique and cutting edge enterprise-class products to the Payments industry, as well as Corporate and Government sectors.

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