Pioneering cyber deception company CounterCraft presents fully MITRE integrated platform that tools up threat hunting teams

Today marks the start of RSA Conference San Francisco, and the third year in attendance for leading enterprise cyber deception company, CounterCraft. This year CounterCraft is proud to be representing the UK Government’s Department of International Trade as GCHQ alumni, as the business continues to expand its presence in the UK and global market. 

The groundbreaking CounterCraft platform aims to revolutionize the lives of threat hunters and analysts the world over and is the product of continuous and meticulous customer-driven development. The most recent iteration delivers a vastly improved user experience and allows organizations to engage with and control attackers within highly credible synthetic environments. 

Included in the latest product release - available to view at booth S3342 - is a full integration of the MITRE ATT&CK™ classification schema, providing an at-a-glance view of threat actor behavior within the deception environment. The correlation and integration of the deception environment and the intelligence obtained with MITRE ATT&CK™ affords unprecedented threat hunting and investigation to know attackers modus operandi. 

In recognition of the company’s radical and innovative contribution to the deception technology market as well as the wider infosecurity industry, CounterCraft is delighted to collect the Cyber Defense Magazine Next Gen Deception Based Security InfoSec Award 2019 today at RSA Conference. Now in their 7th year, these awards recognize startup, early stage, later stage or public companies for unique or compelling value propositions for information security products or services.  

Joined at RSA Conference by some of its partners, ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security Unit, and Spanish and Latin America fraud prevention and intelligence vendor BOTECH FPI, CounterCraft actively seeks new partnerships in Europe and the US as the company secures its status as a global player in the emerging deception technology market. 

Dan Brett, Chief Strategy Officer, commented: “We love attending RSA Conference San Francisco, and this year marks a particularly important one for us as we demonstrate our progress in the emerging deception market to the global CISO community. Many predict 2019 as the year the CISO will secure their position at board-level, and we’re here to support that transformative process in the context of the broader cyber security landscape with the most advanced high-end deception solution currently available to mature organizations.” 

The team behind this advanced technology eagerly anticipate the opportunity to reconnect with the global cyber security community and demonstrate not only how to use deception in the context of enterprise cyber counterintelligence, but why it has the power to dramatically enhance any organization’s cyber defense strategy. 

Nahim Fazal, Threat Intelligence Business Area Lead, added: “For us, RSA Conference is much more than the size of our booth. This is a coveted opportunity to mix with friends old and new, and drive thought leadership on enterprise cyber counterintelligence. Cyber threats touch every single industry and business in every corner of the globe, and it’s time to up our defenses with something much more powerful than a threat intelligence feed. Since integrating the CounterCraft solution with the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, not only is the international threat hunting community speaking the same language, customers are gaining insights about their adversaries that it’s very difficult to compete with.” 


The Cyber Deception Platform is one of Europe’s pioneering solutions used in large organizations that gives attackers access to fictitious data and applications that act as bait. CounterCraft identifies these targeted attacks in real time and actively responds to them; this way attacks occur in a controlled deception environment and enable us to discover the attacker’s motivations, tools, and techniques. 

The profile of attackers can vary greatly: cyber-criminals, lone hackers, ex-employees, and nation state agencies. The Cyber Deception Platform allows companies to be one step ahead of them and study what information they are gathering, their motives and the techniques they use to penetrate defenses. This valuable information is used to take defensive action against threat actors and strengthen previously unidentified weaknesses in security systems to reduce the risk of a breach. Armed with this knowledge, organizations are better prepared to stop intrusions. 

The Cyber Deception Platform is the first product that automates the design, implementation, supervision and maintenance of cyber deception campaigns, across an organization’s entire spectrum of digital assets, such as servers, mobile phones, web applications, mobile applications and Wi-Fi access points. This automation has the potential to reduce counterintelligence costs by up to 95% compared to manual techniques. 

This emerging market for cyber security deception has huge potential; CounterCraft is currently the only company operating in this space in Europe. According to Gartner consultants, the market for this technology is expected to exceed $3,000 million by 2020. 


CounterCraft recently secured 2 million euros in an investment round to boost its international presence in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. To date, the company has received a total of 4 million euros to develop its deception technology. Over 3 million euros came from leading global investors in cyber-security: Adara Ventures, Orza, Telefónica Open Future_, through Wayra and Evolution Equity Partners. Additionally, the company received 1 million euros from the European Commission’s SME instrument H2020, and the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), to accelerate its technology, development and time to market. CounterCraft is the first company to receive support from this combination of private and public investors, recognized for their proven experience and track record in cybersecurity technology. 


As a result of continuous innovation, the startup has been acknowledged by a number of prestigious awards, including '21st Century Basque Entrepreneur Awards', organized by La Caixa and the Business Development Basque Agency SPRI; the 'Toribio Echeverría' award for new companies; the SIC Information Security Award for founders; the San Sebastian Development Award for the youngest, most innovative and promising company; Top 100 Status in the Red Herring Europe Awards; and, Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Award for “Startup of the Year 2018”. Most recently, CounterCraft won the Next Gen Deception Based Security InfoSec Award for 2019, hosted by Cyber Defense Magazine. 
In addition, CounterCraft was a winner of the Spanish INCIBE (National Institute of Cybersecurity), acceleration program, and has participated in the first edition of the GCHQ cybersecurity acceleration program in the United Kingdom. Currently, the company is participating in the Bind 4.0 industrial cyber accelerator run by the Basque Government and is a current cohort member of Momentum London in the UK. 


CounterCraft empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture more efficiently than ever before. Designed and developed by experts, CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of full-spectrum cyber deception and ground-breaking threat hunting and cyber counterintelligence to detect, investigate and control targeted attacks. 

The CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform fits seamlessly into existing security strategies and delivers personalized, actionable intelligence to facilitate early threat detection, accelerate incident response and significantly reduce security spend. Our award-winning solution combines powerful campaign automation with controlled synthetic environments to allow attackers to penetrate organizations without doing real damage. 

CounterCraft is recognized worldwide for its radical contribution to the deception technology market and operates in more than 20 Fortune500 Index companies globally, including financial institutions, governments and Law Enforcement Agencies. Founded in 2015, CounterCraft is present in London, Madrid and Los Angeles, with R&D in San Sebastián (Spain).