Bodyguard Services in Toronto, Ontario Provided By Former Anti-terrorism Specialists


Northern Force Security (NFS) is committed to providing complete security services in Toronto, Ontario. The military and anti-terrorism background of the security personnel at NFS makes the security service a top-of-the-line option for just any security need.

Global terrorism and security threat is on the increase, and internal safety is not guaranteed either. This is why the need for more solid security measures has become urgent. Northern Force Security is notable for solid background, skill and experience in anti-terrorism tactics as well as contemporary security services, plus top-notch customer service.

As a full and highly professional service security, Northern Force Security ( offers:

  • Concierge Security: This include Front Desk Concierge, Entrance Guarding, 24/7 Video Surveillance Monitoring, Immediate Response, and Organized Emergency Response.
  • Corporate Security: Typical examples include 24/7 CCTV Monitoring, Access Screening, Sites Guarding, Comprehensive Security Audit, and Crisis Planning.
  • Executive and VIP Protection: Such as Escort, Safe Route, Drivers, Inspection and Examination.
  • Security Consulting: This includes Threat & Risk Assessment, Security Planning and Design, Home and Business Assessments and Solutions.
  • Institutional Security: This covers Assess Control and Monitoring, Full Threat and Risk Assessment, Emergency Response Protocols, Crime and Violence Prevention, Liaison with City Emergency Responders.
  • Events Security: This covers Access Control, Full Threat and Risks Assessment, Crowd Control, Emergency Response.

Other security and safety services available through NF Security include Building Security, Mobile Patrol, Home Security, and Business Security – It is indeed all encompassing and full-security service.

NFS stands out in Toronto and Canada as a whole with these unique features;

Highest Level of Customer Service: The customer service is dedicated to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. And, clients have access to customer service 24/7.

Tailored Security and Safety Solutions: There is no one-size-suit-all at NFS, each client is provided with uniquely tailored security and safety solutions to meet their own security needs.

Outstanding Security Experience: The founders are former military and anti-terrorism professionals.

Integration of Latest Security Technology: The security service constantly seeks the most sophisticated and up-to-date security technology, which in turn guarantees highest level and degree of protection.

As insecurity and terrorism gets worse by the day, security services offered by professionals with military and anti-terrorism background is definitely a very smart choice.