Leading Educational Institutions Select Humio's Data-Driven Security Platform To Enable Instant Visibility And Investigation Of Risks And Compromises

Michigan State University and University of Virginia Chose Humio's Real-Time Observability to Identify and Explore Threats

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Humio, the only solution enabling live observability through fast, efficient and easily scalable log management, available for on-premises and cloud infrastructures, today announced Michigan State University (MSU) and University of Virginia (UVA), some of the largest educational institutions, deploy Humio on-premises for an instant and aggregated view of all relevant network security data sources to explore and manage and investigate ever increasing threats and vulnerabilities within one cost-effective platform.

"We consistently ran into licensing issues and volume pricing discounts were insufficient with our previous solution, so we actively reviewed products in the SIEM/Log aggregation space and determined Humio was the ideal replacement. We were able to fully deploy Humio and completely replace our previous solution in under two weeks," said MSU Chief Information Officer Rob McCurdy. "With Humio's unlimited license, we no longer have holes in our aggregate data, can create role-based views for data within repositories, and are provided improved incident response including alerting, identification and remediation. Previously we were only able to ingest 500GB a day, and with Humio we are already ingesting almost 1TB a day with plans to potentially expand to 2TB in the next 6 months."

MSU and UVA are educational institutions recognized for their technological advancements. These universities are some of the largest educational establishments with a dedication to providing leading technological facilities to all students and staff. Humio's data-driven observability platform enables organizations to understand large amounts of computer-generated data, structured and unstructured, correlate it and instantly identify security vulnerabilities and threats in any complex computing environments.

"We are honored MSU and UVA selected Humio's data-driven security solution to enable incident responders and threat hunters the ability to instantly visualize, search and explore their network data," added Geeta Schmidt, CEO of Humio. "These universities require a real-time and scalable data and analytics solution to provide an effective defense against sophisticated threats to their environments. Humio is significantly advancing threat hunting capabilities with a comprehensive border security platform that encompasses all system data, both structured and unstructured, alleviating visibility challenges by offering a live, data-driven visibility approach and capabilities that strengthen monitoring and ensures success for IT teams."

The Humio engine delivers real-time performance for system monitoring and investigation allowing users to ingest huge amounts of data for ad-hoc queries and search from any source. The product enables users to monitor a system for errors, user volumes, transactions, registrations, or search on multiple parameters for any infrastructure. Humio's customers are large organizations representing numerous industries including financial services, online retail, education, communications and cloud-based service providers such as Bloomberg, Microsoft, Netlify, Lunar Way, SpareBank 1, On the Dot, and Logibec.

About Humio: 
Humio's live observability platform enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting and analysis from a range of sources ingesting massive volumes of log data instantly and is deployable on any infrastructure including both in the Cloud and On-Premises. The purpose-built, innovative data storage and in-memory search/query engine technologies provide developers, security teams and operations managers a cost-competitive log management and analysis solution, all while requiring significantly less hardware and engineering resources. For more information visit https://www.humio.com/ or follow @MeetHumio.

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