ITSPmagazine and Larry Jaffee Team Up to Bring the Human Element to Information Security

New InfoSec Life column on ITSPmagazine is dedicated to giving IT security professionals a platform so they can share their stories about life in cybersecurity, and vice versa


IT Security Planet Magazine, now officially branded as ITSPmagazine, the cybersecurity industry’s boutique information security magazine, today announces the launch of a new column: An InfoSec Life. In concert with the launch of this new column, the ITSPmagazine team is also pleased to announce the appointment of Larry Jaffee – a Ponemon Fellow whose articles have been published in the likes of SC Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Parade, and the Huffington Post – as the column’s editor.

Exploring the Intersection of Humanity and Technology
he column’s editors and contributors all share in a common goal: to humanize the technology and processes that IT security professionals employ as they have devoted their livelihoods to protecting the world’s systems and information.

“It's easy to get sidetracked covering technology and all the bells and whistles that come with it," Jaffee stated. "But the beauty of this column is that it humanizes and personalizes the all-important work that IT security professionals do on a daily basis that too often
gets overlooked by the media's focus on the breach du jour."

ITSPmagazine is pleased to provide this platform where InfoSec professionals can candidly explain how they view the work they do, how it impacts life, and vice versa. Among other things, we’ll find out what keeps them up at night and how they tackle new challenges on a daily basis. Want to know what drives them to impact society through technology? Find it all here in an InfoSec Life.

An InfoSec Life, which can be found at, is off to a great start with 4 articles published by 4 contributors: 

“What's compelling for me is that this column is written by practitioners that have been there / done that and aren't afraid to speak out and share experiences,” stated Lazarikos. “Our industry needs the material and stories captured in this column so we can bring more creative, talented people into the fold.”

Future contributors include: 

  • Jamison Utter, VP of Field Operations, Senrio
  • Rush Taggart, CSO for CardConnect
  • Gene Fredriksen, CISO for PSCU
  • Ramesh Melkote, Intuit's Director of Quality

More Columns On the Horizon
The InfoSec Life column is launched on the heels of ITSP’s recent launch of the Equal Respect column on August 1st, the Equal Respect column has garnered 20 articles from 16 contributors. The Equal Repsect column can be viewed by visiting:

The team at ITSPmagazine are not stopping here. We have at least two more columns up our sleeves – each of which are due to launch before the end of the year.

“This column is born from the desire to remind us that information technology doesn’t come out of nowhere as if by magic,” said Marco Ciappelli, ITSPmagazine co-founder and creative director. “Innovation comes from men and women who dream and know how to make their vision a reality. Just like artists get inspired by life experiences and place their culture and values into their masterpiece, the technology we use on a daily basis is more human than we think. Every line of code, every piece of hardware, has been crafted by a person who put her mind and emotions into the finished product -- just as much as the technology then impacts our hearts and lives. ITSPmagazine is telling those stories.”

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