IT Security Planet and Dr. Chenxi Wang Team Up to Promote Equal Respect for Women in Technology

New Equal Respect column on IT Security Planet is dedicated to advancing diversity and supporting women in their efforts to succeed in the technology and cybersecurity industries

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 1, 2016 – IT Security Planet (@ITSPMagazine) –, the cybersecurity industry’s boutique information security magazine, announces the launch of a new column: Equal Respect for Women in Technology. The result of a new partnership between IT Security Planet and Dr. Chenxi Wang, the Chief Strategy Officer of Twistlock, this column is dedicated to promoting meaningful and useful practices to truly advance diversity in the information technology and cybersecurity industries.

The column, which can be found at, is off to a great start with 9 articles published by 6 contributors:

•    Dr. Chenxi Wang, Chief Strategy Officer, Twistlock
•    Deirdre Walsh, Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs
•    Dinah Davis, founder of Code Like a Girl
•    Selena Templeton, Column Editor, IT Security Planet
•    Connie McLellan, Project Manager, imsmartin
•    Chuck Brooks, VP Government Relations & Marketing, Sutherland Global Services

Striving for Diversity in All that We Do
The column’s editors and contributors all share in a common goal: to shed light on unconscious gender biases while taking action to overcome these challenges.

IT Security Planet is providing the platform for diversity leaders in the security and privacy industry through which they can share their ideas, opinions, advice, and guidance. An open environment where anyone looking to support the cause can contribute, we want to highlight companies and leaders who have made positive differences in, and contributions to, the diversity movement.

Topic ideas and articles can be submitted to the editorial staff using this form: 

Partnership Bound by Passion
Conversations between Dr. Wang and the team at IT Security Planet quickly led to a partnership where we found an ally in each other: Dr. Wang has plenty to say, and we have plenty of space and reach in which to say it. Women – or the lack thereof – in the cybersecurity industry is a subject and a cause both parties are passionate about.

“Diversity and inclusiveness is not a cultural pet project; nor is it a charity cause,” says Dr. Wang, a successful information technology and cybersecurity executive whose illustrious career began at Forrester Research, Intel Security, and CipherCloud. “Rather, it is a principle that should be put into action in all areas of life, from how an industry presents itself to the way a company does business to the very language that an individual uses.”

Future contributors include:
•    Summer Fowler from CERT
•    Caroline Wong from Cigital
•    Dug Song, the CEO of Duo Security
•    Pauline Reich from the Asia Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime, and Internet Security Research Institute

We Have Another Reason to Celebrate
The ability for this column to exist lies squarely in the success of IT Security Planet magazine. Launched by Sean Martin, CISSP and Marco Ciappelli just one year ago last month—July 2, 2015, to be exact—the magazine has grown from a basic newsroom site to become a respectable boutique magazine that promotes communication and engagement through articles, events, press and social media.

“Our vision is for IT Security Planet to be the go-to source for informational, educational, unfiltered content, regardless of who writes the content and who the intended audience is,” says Sean Martin, CISSP, co-founder and Editor in Chief at IT Security Planet. “When Chenxi and I discussed the idea of launching a new column to help spread the word of diversity, I was more than delighted to make it a reality; the timing was perfect given the momentum we’ve gained in recent months throughout our magazine.”

Here are some of the highlights since the magazine’s launch last year:

Top 6 Equal Respect Articles

To view all of the Equal Respect articles, visit:

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Equal Respect began as a grass roots initiative to promote open and respectful environments at professional events. An Equal Respect conference is one that prohibits and discourages promotional or marketing behaviors that disrespect groups of attendees based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity. Originated by Chenxi Wang and Zenobia Godschalk at RSA 2015, the Equal Respect initiative is now a community effort. The partnership with IT Security Planet brings the Equal Respect movement to the next level, taking the diversity message to the industry as a whole. View the full conversation at