Humio Powers New Syntax Managed Cloud Security Solution With Real-Time Ability To Monitor, Alert And Investigate Compromises


Solution reduces complexity and cost while decreasing credential theft by enabling real-time detection and response to active breaches

London – October 3, 2018 – Humio, the only log management solution offering real-time, limitless logging capabilities with instant accessibility to users, today joins Syntax, cloud security specialist, in announcing the Syntax Cloud Threat Security Solution. The real-time capability of Humio’s dynamic log engine allows the Syntax Managed Cloud Threat Security Service to visualize data and incidents as activities occur, providing actionable data and insight into threats continuously.

“Our primary objective is to reduce complexity and cost to customers and we are thrilled to be able to do that with this solution given fundamental security challenges are increasingly posing growing risks across teams regardless of the perceived strength of the organization’s perimeter - breaches are inevitable without continued visibility,” said Geeta Schmidt, CEO Humio. “Syntax Managed Cloud Threat Security Service offers cost effective solutions to monitor, alert, and investigate systems within their cloud and on-premise estate, reducing the potential cost of compromises by enabling real-time detection and response to active breaches,” said Geeta Schmidt, CEO Humio.

“We are thrilled to be working with Humio to enable Syntax to now offer a comprehensive, cost-effective cloud threat solution that actively combats credential theft for customers using Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services,” said Tim Parker, Syntax. “Humio’s unique ability to scale to ingest logs, has enabled us to create a service that can correlate event logs and identify the sequence of events that are common in a data compromise incident. This increases our ability to identify and respond to attacks, reducing the impact to our customers.”

About Humio:

Humio is a solution for aggregating, exploring, reporting, and analyzing log data in real-time. It gathers log data from a range of sources and can be deployed in both Cloud and On-Premises environments. Humio’s innovative data storage and in-memory search/query engine technologies provide a cost-competitive log management and analysis solution that requires significantly less hardware, engineering resources, and licensing costs vs. competing solutions. Humio has offices in London, San Francisco, and Aarhus, DK. For more information visit or follow @MeetHumio.